Need More Inspiration? Attend a Blogging Event

Need more inspiration? Attend a blogging event

Have you ever wanted to meet a fellow blogger in person? For those of us who have had that pleasure, it is very much the treat you would think!

Here is a short list of bloggers’ events and conferences. At the end of this post, please leave a comment if you know of other events for bloggers.

Bloggers At Midlife (BAM2016)

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Bloggers at Midlife conference in Las Vegas. This was a BIG two-day event with sponsors, speakers and swag! Really good swag.

I have never always been a little star-struck, but when I walked into the room at the preliminary cocktail meet-n’-greet, I was indeed star-struck. I heard myself saying out loud to my fellow traveler, Elena Peters from Canada, “Oh, look, that’s Carol Cassara,” and “hey that’s Kathy Gottberg!” I recognized their faces from their profile photos.

I felt like I walked into the Who’s Who of the blogging world. When a couple of bloggers recognized me, I thought I would die happy!

I know, I gush! But there is nothing like meeting people for the first time after spending months engaging with them online! Building a face-to-face relationship with other bloggers just makes those online friendships that much more dear!

BAM ConferenceAlthough BAM is not coordinating an event this year, you can keep up with information. The 2016 producers were: Teresa Kindred, Sharon Greenthal, Anne Parris, and Beth Rosen. See more on the BAM Conference Facebook page. 


The Third Annual Bloggers Bash, London

Many of you have already heard of the wildly successful Bloggers’ Bash held in London. This is the third year, to be held June 10, 2017. Even though it is a one-day bash, the group always looks like they are having a fun time. Visit Sacha Black’s blog for details.

U.S. Blogging Event

A Joyful Process announced a new US Blogging Event that takes place in Chicago, August 26, 2017. Votes are being taken on the blog now.

International Food Blogger Conference

Coming to my home town of Sacramento, California, on September 29-October 1, is the International Food Blogger ConferenceIFBC. Obviously I am not a food blogger, but you don’t have to be a food blogger to enjoy the conference.

Some of the sessions from the two-and-half-day 2016 conference included general topics like “From Blog to Business,” Marketing, Writing & Tech Breakout Sessions, Culinary Travel Writing, Learning About Corporate and Professional Blogging, Freelance Blogging. Of course, there were food-related sessions, too.

After all, the famous Northern California wine country is less than two hours away so attendees can count on tasting some extraordinary wines as well as craft beers! Oh yes, and food!

Interested bloggers can get discounted registration fees by agreeing to write three blog posts about the event. No problem-o! I’m already signed up!

All of these events take an enormous amount of work from committees mostly made up of volunteers. If you do get the chance to attend one, please thank the host committee profusely!

On the downside, attending an event or conference is not always do-able and creates a little blogging/travel envy. The above-mentioned events may be geographically challenging for many of us.

Sure, we love to see the video of the event afterward, being shared and re-blogged all over…really, we do!

What If You Can’t Attend a Blogging Event?

The next best thing you can do is to try to meet local bloggers from your own area, city or state. I have been very lucky to meet several fellow bloggers this way. I have found local bloggers by reading their “About me” page. Now you may see why those descriptions might be helpful.

There is just something about going to lunch with another blogger and talking about blogging that is super exciting!

I initially searched google and Facebook for bloggers’ groups in Sacramento. I discovered the Sacramento Bloggers  group and am now an active member. We are a small group but we have already met twice.  The other day, Maria of Sew Travel Inspired, one of the members, called me to talk about some blogging issues and ideas! It was great to just talk and not type for once!

Do you know of any blogging events coming in 2017 or 2018? Please share in the comments and I will update this post or write a new post to include those!


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  5. I haven’t ever been to a blogging conference or event, and would probably be too scared – I’m very shy and socially anxious! But it always sounds like everyone has such a great time whenever I hear about the big blog conferences.

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  6. I attended the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in April 2015 and it changed my life. I met so many terrific people and learned so much. This year I’m hoping to attend the National Society of Newspaper Columnists which is being held in Manchester NH (practically my back yard) June 8-11. I’ve heard great things about it. Can’t recommend going to a conference enough!

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  7. BlogHer is happening in Orlando this summer, and that just so happens to be where I am moving. Am definitely begging my hubby to attend it! I would love to get more involved with the living, breathing blogging community! 😀

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  8. It would be great to meet other bloggers at conferences Terri or even in a group as you suggested. I live in Brisbane and have met some midlife bloggers who live here and on the Gold Coast in a FB group. You have inspired me to maybe organise a catchup for us all. Thanks! Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

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  9. Terri, I popped over here after seeing your comment in my reader that I think you left on Debby’s blog, but it didn’t show on her blog for me. How exciting that there’s an event in Sacramento! And how sweet of you to invite me to stay with you. I would love that. I’m planning (and hoping) to go to the UK bash, but since both are a few months apart, I think I can swing Sac’to as well. Hugs, my friend, and thank you 💖

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  10. How I wish I could have attended the Las Vegas blogging event. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to travel because of prior commitments. I’m really looking forward to the Chicago bloggers meet up this year. I’m planning to attend it 🙂

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  11. Las Vegas blogging event sounds like it was a blast! I’d love to meet some of my blogging friends. I don’t know anyone here in Toronto. And I’m hoping to travel to the London Blogger’s Bash this year! You coming? 🙂

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  12. They all sound like such fun. I did go to ProBlogger, Darren Rowse convention a couple of years ago, it was awesome. It has been cut down this year and only allowing 200 serious bloggers who will get master training.

    Enjoy your events everyone.
    Bloggers Pit Stop

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  13. RJ Flamingo

    The organizers of the International (notsomuch) Food Bloggers Conference 2017 (IFBC 2017) blatantly scheduled the conference over the Yom Kippur holiday. And that the scheduling was NOT an error? This is the HOLIEST day on the Jewish calendar and Jewish people are not permitted to eat or drink, as well. Therefore, IFBC will not include most Jewish food bloggers. Many food bloggers – both Jewish and otherwise – are vowing to never attend IFBC now or in the future, because of the insensitivity and total disregard. Is that something you’d like to be associated with?

    For food bloggers, there are lots of other conferences every year. Just Google: Eat Write Retreat (a different location every year), BlogHer Food (a different location every year), Food & Wine Conference (in Orlando every year).

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      1. RJ Flamingo

        They were made aware over 5 months ago and – while admitting that they already knew about the conflict – claim that they tried to change the date, but couldn’t. Since the same thing happened a couple of years ago (and they did change that one), it wasn’t as if they were clueless about it. Many of us are extremely disappointed.

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  14. dconnollyislandgmailcom

    Hi, Terri – Thanks so much for sharing this info. I am so sad that BAM is not hosting a conference this year (last year’s April time line, LV location and target group would all have worked well for me). Unfortunately, my husband and I have company/travel already planned for the dates of this year’s London and Chicago conferences. If you hear of any additional conferences, please keep us all posted!
    P.S – If attending a bloggers conference, I would be just as ‘star-stuck’ as you described…but I would be saying “Look, there’s Terri Webster Schrandt!”

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  15. I would like to attend a blogging conference and I keep it on my radar. I will have to look at the one in Chicago since that is driving distance for me. I do attend a writing conference here in Madison. I would like to meet some bloggers in person. Most people in my life don’t understand wha blogging is all about.

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  16. robjodiefilogomo

    That’s always a fabulous idea to get someone else’s opinions about certain blogging issues…and it totally doesn’t matter what kind of blog!
    I definitely need to get out and meet more bloggers…it’s so easy to get wrapped up behind the computer and never leave the house!!

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  17. I have yet to attend a bloggers convention but hope to in the future. I did attend a 2-day WordPress event in San Diego last summer – I had very high hopes, but it turned out to be focused on developers and not very helpful. After you and I had lunch a few weeks ago, I looked for a similar local bloggers group like you found in Sacramento. No luck so far, but I’ll keep trying. Thanks again, Terri, for a helpful overview!

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  18. Blogging events sound like a lot of fun, from an educational and social perspective. Meeting bloggers in person is even better, I think, since you can really get to know them, without time pressure or having to be a “social butterfly”. Looking forward to meeting you in a few days, Terri!

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