A Resilient Path in Coronado

I spent the Christmas holidays in warm San Diego. Both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s temperatures broke records, clocking in at 80+ degrees on the beach!

While on my short blogging break, I missed two Weekly Photo Challenges, so I am making them up today. The themes were “path” and “resilient.”

We took a drive over to Coronado Island to enjoy the sunshine and let the dogs run around on the dog beach area. Of course, I brought my brand new camera for some practice shots.

Walking the path to the beach, I shot this photo of the Hotel Del Coronado. The hotel, built in 1888, is an enduring landmark in San Diego.

Path to Resilience

90 years later my high school senior prom was held here. 38 more years later, I’m here on Coronado Beach enjoying an 81 degree day in late December. Resilient indeed.

Kids easily create their own Path as they cavort around the beach on Coronado Island.

the beach is calling

I hope you survived enjoyed the holidays.

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33 thoughts on “A Resilient Path in Coronado

  1. So, you have a new camera and you’re already taking beautiful photos with it, Terri. Click away.
    I know the Hotel Del Coronado. We stayed there back in 2010. I even have a framed poster up on the wall of the hotel.
    Happy New Year.

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  2. Love your photos Terri. Coronado is one of my favorites places to visit when staying with my daughter in San Deigo. Love the Hotel del Coronado and had the privilege of attending an event there last year. Such a wonderful place to spend some downtime. Love and Light!

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  3. Coronado is so beautiful (as is your picture). I also had my senior prom there (a couple of years earlier than yours). My first grade teacher lives in the high rise shown in your picture to the right… she bought her condo when they were just being built and she was a fairly new teacher. All these years later, she’s still there and loving her view.

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  4. dconnollyislandgmailcom

    Brilliant photos, Terri. Thanks for rementioning the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.
    PS – Were you truly on a ‘blogging break’ or just a ‘blogging slow down’? (:

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