Spotlight on #Blog Visions for 2017 ~ New Year’s Delight

So proud to be included in Tina Frisco’s New Year’s round-up. Please visit these bloggers who are self-published authors and check out their books. Happy New Year and may your 2017 be full of inspiration and blessings!


Flower Garden by Lucie Stastkova Image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

I’ve thought for some time now that I’d like to have a theme for my blog. Many of the blogs I follow have themes I find most enjoyable. I’ve asked several of these folks to be my guest, tell us what they envision for their blog in 2017, and include their images and links.

I want to thank all of those who responded and wish them great success in the New Year. They are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. Please visit their sites, like and follow, and perhaps download a book or two. Enjoy! 


Allan HudsonAllan Hudson ~South Branch Scribbler

2017 will see the South Branch Scribbler hosting a variety of authors with some artists, photographers, and musicians. I have a lineup of terrific folks for the first three months of the New Year and am adding more weekly. I will be trying…

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16 thoughts on “Spotlight on #Blog Visions for 2017 ~ New Year’s Delight

  1. Have a wonderful year Tina and Terri. I hope we are able to meet personally this year. 🙂 Meanwhile being with my blogger friend, Carol Sherritt in Melbourne today is fun. We are both blogging and FBing this morning resting up from last night’s bash.

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      1. Hi Marsha … I’ve exchanged guest posts with a few of the bloggers, and I and all of them regularly share each others’ posts. The New Year’s post brought a lot more traffic to my blog and quite a few more followers. I and a few others have noticed that a post featuring several people brings a lot more traffic and sharing. However, this wasn’t my intent for the post. I simply wanted to feature bloggers who are very supportive of authors and artists; it was a gift of gratitude ♥

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