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Winter moon hangs over school building

In my daily walks with my dog, Aero, we pass by the local elementary school every day. The setting winter sun illuminated the almost-full moon that hung just over the school as if to announce the coming of the winter solstice.Holiday festivities

As a school kid, I always loved this time of year. Excitement permeates the air as children of all ages prepare to take their school winter break. There is a palpable holiday buzz in the air in anticipation of (dare I say Christmas) parties and shows! Holiday decorations are everywhere, Christmas music plays in stores and radios.

As mid-winter prepares to fall upon us, we can now reflect on the past year and what the new year will bring.

The theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is New Horizon.

Another thought came over me about new horizons while literally shooting the moon. My 20/16 vision saw what my phone camera could not. Endless flocks of snow geese flying, silhouetted against the moon, their unified formations winging them to their winter home in the bird sanctuaries of Northern California.

Winter Moon hangs over school playground

How I wish I could have captured that moment. You will have to use your imagination!

I have asked several bloggers who always have stunning photos, what kind of cameras do they use? The best answer so far (in terms of my budget) was from fellow Northern Californian and photo-blogger who shares his work on The Petaluma Spectator Blog. Please stop by his blog and check out his photos. Like me, he also faithfully participates in the Weekly Photo Challenge.

What’s on my new horizon for 2017? A brand, spanking new Panasonic Lumix 3000, known as a bridge camera! I’ll be starting out my new year with new, hopefully, amazing photographs. Not only did Frank recommend this camera, he sent me some other information to get me started.

spread your wings and seek new horizons

What a great way to end the year. And the start of a new year and new horizons.
What will 2017 bring you? What are you hoping for? Share with me in the comments.
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  1. Have fun with your new camera, Terri. We never know what the new year will bring us. Hopefully a house sit somewhere warm and a greater focus on our goals. Plus, we might be ready for new adventures as 2017 progresses! 🙂


  2. Great captures, Terri, and is it Santa that will be bringing you that new camera?

    What awaits me in 2017? Hopefully, book 2 of Glimpses and entering at least one short story competition a month. I wonder if 2017 will bring me my first win? 🤔

    I look forwrad to hearing what 2017 will be bringing you.

    Happy holidays,
    Hugh 🎄

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  3. Hi Terri, your description of elementary school holiday excitement brought to mind some great memories for me. I always loved getting to go to school AT NIGHT for the Christmas program.. It always seemed so strange. Congratulations on the new camera. How fun to have something new to try out and learn from and become an even more amazing photographer. I am planning lots of travel for my 2017. Merry Christmas to you my friend!

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    1. Thanks so much, Michele! I used to love going to school at night for special programs, what a cool memory! Thanks for that photography compliment, wow! I’m humbled! Finishing up grading and trying to catch up on blog reading! Enjoy your travels, Michele and Merry Christmas!


  4. Lovely captures Terri. Always a let down when you see something spectacular but don’t have your best camera with you to catch it – however, my philosophy on that is that at least I saw it and ‘photographed’ it with my eyes and stored it on my own personal hard drive that is my brain.

    Throughout my career as a press and PR photographer, we always used Nikons (both in the film days and then digital) because they are fantastic work horses that will take the battering press work gives cameras. My work cameras were always scratched and dented but never stopped working. I do have some brilliant Fuji cameras too because they will take my Nikon lenses.

    Apologies for my sporadic visits here Terri, my life is completely upside down at the moment as my parents need 24/7 care and my time is spread so thin it is ripping 😀. Am back home for 2 days respite while sis takes over. I am enjoying languishing in bed, catching up on whatever blogs I can manage before getting up and getting to know my house again!

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  5. leannelc

    I’m always so impressed by people learning and building on new skills. Good on you for going for that new camera and paraphernalia and all the fantastic photos you’ll take in 2017. BTW the little snowflakes on your page were making up for the geese I didn’t see x

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  6. I recently bought a bridge camera, mostly for travel when I didn’t want to take my more bulky Nikon. It really works well and can get much better shots (in some situations) than a smart phone – you might have been able to capture those geese – because the zoom actually works!

    Enjoy your new toy!!!

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