Coffee, Birthdays and Colds


I had big plans this weekend: finish my Christmas decor, attend church to enjoy some advent and share some coffee with my readers today, while enjoying my birthday.

If we were having coffee (or tea) today, I would sit in another room so as not to give you my germs from the head cold that has found me despite my best efforts to avoid it.

I did manage to finish my Christmas decorations, mainly putting up my small artificial tree, which I have not done since 2011. How do I know, you ask, as we sip my coffee blend of chocolate-cinnamon Colombian roast? My hubby wrote detailed instructions on the info sheet that came with the tree and dated it. When I hauled out the huge bag of tree parts, which have to be assembled, the instructions were there for the small tree. These instructions include color-coded branches. Sigh. This particular tree can be 8 feet tall. I put up the 4-foot version this year.

I do love decorating for Christmas, even though we do not get too many visitors for the holidays. With our families primarily living in San Diego, we choose to spend Christmas there. When hubby moved his household items in a few years ago to my small house, there was barely room to put up even a small Christmas tree. This year, I just wanted to have a tree. Here is a close-up of my blue-themed tree.

ornament close-up

As I am sitting here enjoying coffee with my hubby and your virtual selves, he is reading out loud from an internet source that the practice of placing candles on birthday cake originated in 18th-century Germany.

Did I mention today is my birthday? I can probably count on four hands how many times I have been sick on my birthday, especially in my younger adult years. I guess the cold is here to remind me of those younger years, not that I can’t remember all by myself and without a stuffy nose. At least at my age (over the first hill toward 60), my head colds aren’t too severe.

When I opened up Google chrome this morning, this is what I saw:

image from google
google image not used by permission, but I doubt they care

How does Google know it’s my birthday? How does Google know that when I typed in that question, it got to here: “How does google know it’s…” and populated “my birthday”?

Internet privacy? bahahahahaha! If you blog and share anything, Google knows you! There, I said it. Plus I have been thoroughly enjoying the Happy Birthday posts and virtual cards and stickers from my Facebook friends and family.

I set my alarm last night just before I downed my extra-large Nyquil dose, hoping I could drag myself out of bed to get ready for church this morning. Nope. Didn’t happen. Second advent Sunday I have missed this year.

Even still, I hope the advent season is finding you well, happy and healthy. If you found me on Facebook and wished me happy birthday already, thank you and bless you!


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38 thoughts on “Coffee, Birthdays and Colds

  1. I already wished you a happy birthday, but happy birthday again. That’s TWO happy birthdays, does this make me special :). As for Google anybody that is a blogger and active as much as most of us do are kidding themselves if they don’t think Google knows everything from our pant size to who we had a crush on in elementary school!

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  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday despite the dreaded head cold. I really hope you’re feeling better, Terri and that everyday is like a birthday, as wonderful as you 🙂 Hope this weekend treats you well. 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday, Terri. Sorry you were sick on your birthday though. That’s such a shame. I like your idea of a simple Christmas box and when we put away the decorations this year, I may give it a try.

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  4. I will sit with you as I am sick, too. We can be Nyquil buddies. Happy birthday! I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad you still got your tree up. Google seems to be all-seeing and all-knowing. It is a little creepy!

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  5. I’m so sorry that head cold decided to stay for your Birthday, Terri. However, I’m glad it did not stop you from putting up the Christmas tree (and very festive it looks, too). Yes, took us hours assembling our tree. And, as for untangling the tree lights, don’t even go there. I’m sure I always put them in the box untangled every 12th night, yet…🤔
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday and can celebrate more once the head cold has moved out.

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  6. Happy birthday Terri! That’s pretty creepy about Google knowing it’s your birthday. I realize that information is here and there on the interwebs, but it’s creepy nonetheless. I’ll see what happens when my b-day rolls around in January.

    We haven’t had a tree in years. The way our living room is set up, there isn’t a really good place for one. And, honestly, I’ve discovered that I prefer not to have one anyway. I decorate for the holidays, but not hassling with a tree (I especially didn’t like taking it down and putting all the decorations away) is much less stressful. I know for most people – especially those with kids and/or grandkids – it isn’t Christmas without one, but for us it makes more sense not to.

    I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling well. A cold at anytime isn’t fun. A cold on your birthday just doesn’t seem right at all. Feel better soon!

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    1. Thank you, Janis! I have a storage box marked “Christmas Simple” with the bare minimum decorations to put up around the house. I usually default to that box, especially last year when we were away for three weeks. I guess I got inspired by my sis-in-law’s decor while we were there–that’s why the tree. It only took two hours to set it up, but I had to buy new lights. I had to move a piece of furniture into my new bedroom to accommodate it, but oh well, once a year isn’t bad. Shooting for Mexico in 2018, so simple Christmas box will be up once again!


  7. Happy Birthday, Terri! I hope you have a wonderful one inspite of your cold. Have you ever tried Zicam? You take it at the first sign of a cold. Worked great for me. Your tree is beautiful! I only put up a 4′ tree too and my nativity scene. I didn’t go all out decorating this year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

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  8. I will wish you a happy birthday 🎂. Yes, Google note I put my middle name on a Yahoo group I belong. Suddenly, I was Betty Louise on most of my accounts. Goodreads still has me as Betty. I should go change that and learn how to put my NetGalley badges there and back on WordPress. I have a small tree which will go out by our door when we get time. Have a pleasant week.

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