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If you are a self-published author, you know that promoting your book is a critical function of the process. A book give-away is a great idea as this article mentions.

I have been reading Goodreads for Authors: How To Use Goodreads To Promote Your Books, a very useful guide for book marketing. There is a chapter in this book about using Goodreads to promote your book using giveaways. One thing the author mentions is to get print copies of your book made for the giveaways.

I am considering these options for my eBook, Better Blogging with Photography (see on my sidebar). especially with the upcoming holidays. I am looking into Create Space as my option for printing a few copies of my book.

What good ideas for book promotion do you have?

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We’re heading rapidly into the holiday season, so who’d like a present?

A giveaway is not a present.

Well, not unless you’re giving it to everyone that enters (or visits your blog depending on the wording).

A giveaway is a raffle, or a draw, where an advertised number of people win a prize by being drawn at random from all the entries received. Most countries have rules on what exactly constitutes a raffle, or a draw, and the fine line between it being a gentle bit of fun, and a form of gambling which requires a licence.

I’m not going to go into what those laws are, although there are some very good posts around on the internet to help you ensure you aren’t straying into vice. Most of them I found through The Story Reading Ape reporting them, thank you, Ape … mwah! Rafflecopter has a very useful set…

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