San Diego Fashion Week Proves Bow-Ties are Haute Couture


Bow-ties are haute couture

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Fashion Week?” Do you rub your well-manicured hands together with glee in glorious anticipation of seeing the latest fashion trends?

Or… do you shove your hands with their bitten nails into your sweat pants pocket as you run screaming from the room?

Not everyone is a fashionista, but everyone appreciates a put-together look, especially if bow-ties are involved.

Usually when we hear about Fashion Week, we imagine glittering runways complete with striding models sporting the next new fashion trend, seen in cities as New York, Paris or Milan. However, even smaller cities host their versions of Fashion Week and San Diego, California, is no exception.

The staff of Above-Time, the bow-tie accessory brand you have read about over the last year, attended the 2016 Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) Fall show.

Above-Time’s bow-ties and accessories are displayed and sold at Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery, which helped garner that coveted invitation to FWSD. CEO Carey Reddick’s presence in the San Diego community continues to open doors for the fledgling business.

Fashion Week San Diego

Held at various venues, Fashion Week San Diego kicked off its first night with a look at hair, makeup and art.

Friday and Saturday nights were all about the runway shows. Even dog lovers got into the act where adoptable dogs from Rancho Coastal Humane Society wagged their tales down the FWSD Runway at annual Haute Dog Fashion Show, in hopes of finding their forever homes!

FWSD culminated in a trunk show where guests viewed and shopped all the labels and designer fashions that debuted on the runway, including other FWSD vendors & partners.

Network, Network, Network!

Reddick said their goal was to network with at least three other local San Diego designers. There was some definite interest from a designer specializing in couture gowns wanting to incorporate bow-ties into their designs.

Above-Time Brand Ambassador Tyler and Fashion Coordinator Caroline enjoying San Diego Fashion Week
Above-Time Brand Ambassador Tyler and Fashion Intern Caroline enjoying San Diego Fashion Week

Brand Ambassador Tyler Kirk helped work out a future deal with a company that manufactures alcohol, where staff will wear Above-Time’s bow-ties. A signature bow-tie cocktail is in the works and a launch date is expected in early 2017.

And network Reddick and his team did! They scored an invitation to the New York City Fashion Week next February, 2017!

Stay tuned!

Although this is a sponsored post, the intent of this article is not to sell a product, but to focus attention and awareness on the growth and evolution of the Above-Time brand. Opinions are my own.

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