You, Too, Can Write an Ebook

You started your blog to practice the art of writing, to explore genres and experiment with writing styles and projects.

As bloggers, most of us dream about writing a book someday, whether it is a work of fiction, an informative non-fiction book, a memoir, or some other literary work just waiting to be brought to life with our words.

This is probably why you started your blog, to practice the art of writing, to explore genres and experiment with writing styles and projects.

When it comes to writing, whether you write a blog or eBooks, most sources tell us the best books are written about subjects others want to read!

My blog is about leisure and I love writing to educate others about embracing a leisure lifestyle. However, three years of blogging have proven that my most popular posts are about the how-to’s of blogging, along with my posts submitted for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges.

Writing in a JournalMy first eBook, Better Blogging with Photography, combined blogging basics with beginning photography and image creation. Is this my masterpiece? Not by a long shot, but it did allow me to experiment with the interesting, yet challenging world of self-publishing. My next book projects can be read here.

During the last few months, I learned a lot about self-publishing and book marketing. One of the concepts that stood out is the community that is developed and how we can help and encourage each other in our writing.

If it were not for the encouragement of my fellow bloggers, I doubt I would have bothered to write the book.

Successful indie authors MUST engage with people. Whether it is with fellow bloggers, other readers, or in communities within your social media networks, building relationships with a variety of folks is critical to the success of indie authors.

Speaking of community, over these last few days of my book promotion, several generous bloggers shared my posts, helped promote my eBook, and/or actually bought the book and wrote amazing reviews. Please visit these kind souls and see what they are writing about on their blogs.

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Better Blogging with PhotographyToday is the final day to pick up Better Blogging with Photography FREE on Amazon.

After today it goes back up to $2.99!

Do you have a book idea brewing? I would love to hear about it!


11 thoughts on “You, Too, Can Write an Ebook

  1. Spot on Terri! I will be catching up with you very soon (this coming week I hope) after a trip to the netherworld of internet craziness. You rock on – you have PILES of fabulous books in your future. I love Better Blogging with Photography. X


  2. Hi Terri, I think you should be immensely proud for getting your book done and planning on another! I started reading it a couple of months ago but got sidetracked by vacation but i will get back to it and get an amazon review for you. Writing a book is on my bucket list- right after i finish writing the course i am working on now- my “own” course- not for a college! It is a big and exciting task- not unlike writing a book!


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