What I’m Writing in My Next eBooks: Weekend Coffee Share

Writing subjects for my next set of eBooks

Last November, as we shared coffee, I mentioned that I was taking some time to start a writing project, namely an eBook.

As I gathered information for case studies and other research for my (work-in-progress) eBook “How Midlife Women Reclaim Their leisure Time,” another eBook made its way into the world of self-publishing first.

Better Blogging cover

Better Blogging with Photography  was originally meant to be a free eBook to be used as a give-away and incentive for subscribing to my blog. It morphed into a 50-page Kindle eBook and is still free through October 3. After this date, it is available for 99 cents.

Today, if we were having coffee, I would ask you to sit and enjoy a cup of medium roast coffee (or tea, if you prefer) while I share my next writing projects. By sharing these ideas with you, I hope it holds me accountable to write them!

As I finished Better Blogging with Photography, my editor, Jo Robinson, suggested that this could be part of a series. At the time I thought, as I mentally raised an eyebrow, “what else can I possibly write for an eBook series?”

After reading and more thinking, I came up with an idea for a short series, “The Better Blogging Series” that dives into what we bloggers (and writers) do. My next eBook, for which I have a decent outline started is “The Better Blogger’s Lifestyle” which will become the prequel to my current eBook. In this book I describe all the types of blogs out there and what it takes to write and maintain one.

What do you think?

More ideas for the series will include short topics like “Getting Results with Social Media,” “Advanced Photography for Bloggers” and “Turning Your Posts into eBooks.”

I hope you enjoyed coffee today. Please visit the hostess of Weekend Coffee Share at Part-Time Monster Blog.

What kind of blogging topics are you interested in? Please let me know in the comments!

38 thoughts on “What I’m Writing in My Next eBooks: Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Yes, yes and yes. You’re way ahead of me, Terri, but already inspiring me to do e-books of my own. I have a fiction project I’m wrestling with now, but after that… ebooks here I come. Go for it.

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  3. From One eBook Author to another, Well done you and More Kudos for undertaking a series. Wow, I just joined the Indie Publisher alumni wit my first commercial eBook: “The Art Of Pinterest Profits” and I feel like million dollars! More so because literally my book is only a week old, I havent done any promos and its got Six 5 Star reviews. I am intending to check my download stats tomorrow. I definitely encourage anyone with ideas brimming over to Write a book! So thank you for sharing your ideas and sharing at the Pit Stop too!

    Pit Stop Crew


  4. Hey Terri, I think many topics are covered thoroughly by the many great blogs that are are out there, but personally, I like to have my information all in once place in the form of a book. I guess i will always be a book reader.

    Topics: I love your women in midlife idea. I think lots of us lost our leisure time in our busy years and are now exploring what is available and trying to discover what we are interested in now.

    Blogging? How about curating the best of the best advice from many people?


    1. I like the sound of that Michele! A great idea! Another local blogger and I may team up to write something like that! Thanks for the encouragement on the Midlife/Leisure. It will be a big task but satisfying. Hoping to do some more with it this winter. I’m swamped with my three classes this Fall (not complaining)!


  5. Great to hear there is going to be more books in this series, Terri. Good luck with them. I know just how many people will value them. If only they had been around when I started out blogging.😀 I still remember finding that very first blogging tips post and thinking I’d hit gold!


  6. Terri – I so admire you for writing these books! Just got the photography one. That is a definite weak link on my blog. Can’t wait to see the next one. Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon!


  7. There are so many good blogs already and I find I don’t have time to read as many as I like. I get lost in reading a book. My purpose of doing a blog was something to do. Whenever it gets a must I lose interest. I did download your book hoping to take the time to read it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Good luck with your next ebook.


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