Can You Spare a Few Stars?

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Bloggers who downloaded my free eBook, Better Blogging with Photography, are invited to leave an honest review on Amazon or in GoodReads.

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Reviews are critical to the success of any book. Have you ever considered buying a book, but saw no reviews? Honestly, if I like the title and read the description, I am likely to buy the book, but I have been known not to purchase a book with one or two-star reviews. If it’s a pricey book, I will read the reviews to help me make my final decision.

I wrote this guidebook for fellow bloggers and website managers to educate you about the vague and confusing copyright laws. Piracy and plagiarism abound in our business, but don’t you be the one to get caught using someone else’s intellectual property. Most images you see on Google belong to another source.

There are certainly a number of free image sites available. I leave a great round-up list in the eBook.

I also wrote this guidebook to help bloggers find content inspiration in using their own images. A good blog post is that much better with a nice image attached.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Four: How to Use Your Images to Generate Blog Ideas and Readers

Using Your Images as Inspiration for Blog Posts

As a blogger, how often have you searched for inspiration in writing your next post?

If you have a large (or small) file of digital images, take the time to go through them. Most images tell some kind of story, whether it is a memory of a special vacation spot, family photos from 20 years ago, or images that can be edited into “art.” Chances are, you have a great subject for your next blog post and the image to go with it!

TIP! Your photos tell stories!

Looking through Your Digital Files

What works for me is to take a look through my vast files of images. I use Dropbox, which stores them chronologically by month and year, typically older posts on top. If I am thinking of a post for the summer, I will peruse through my posts from June through August (opposite if you are in the southern hemisphere). For example, I decide on an image of some bicycle riders I captured. My brain thinks, “Oh how nice to go for a bike ride today.” Then, “oh, but it is way too hot outside today.” Suddenly inspiration hits with a “how-to” post about summer cycling safety and a post is born!

Can You Spare a Few Stars?

I have had some fabulous reviews so far. See what fellow bloggers have to say about Better Blogging with Photography.

5 stars“A Blogger’s Handy Guide” By D.G. Kaye on September 24, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Disclaimer – I was gifted with a copy of this book from the author

This little book is action-packed full of great tips for blogging, with great, simple explanations of how to set up a blog, how to effectively use photos and images to enhance your blog, the author also gets into the importance of only using images that don’t infringe on copyrights. There are photos to help demonstrate some of the instruction in this handy little guide as well. If you’re new to blogging, or perhaps, a seasoned blogger who may not be aware of all the little tricks to manage a blog effectively, I would highly recommend this book.

5 stars“Great Advice!” By Amazon Customer on September 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is amazing advice for anyone who has ever dabbled with the thought of starting a blog or is looking to improve their site! I wish this book existed when I started blogging as it would have saved me much frustration. Terri supplies great resources that will further help my adventures with blogging and the power pictures provide! Thank you!

Today’s Blog Images

Since I am writing about blog images, let me tell you about the images in this post. I saw the starfish photo on one of my friend’s Facebook pages. I asked her about it and she said another friend had taken the photo. I asked if she would allow me to use it on my blog some day and I was given permission to do so (mentioned in the image caption). You never know where a great image may be found.

The five gold stars were easily created in PicMonkey and added into this post. Perhaps it’s called Pic “monkey” because even a monkey can make these images? If you feel less than confident about creating fabulous images for your blog, post-editing programs are easy to use (and free).

Check out the eBook and see what the hype is all about! And don’t forget to throw some stars my way!


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