Above-Time Celebrates One Year of Bow-Ties

Dorian Smith, Above-Time Model admires his framed poster at the latest event.

Did you know bow-ties are all the rage? If not, then read on how Founder and CEO Carey Reddick, II has leveraged his evolving business around bow-ties and other accessories.

Above-Time has been busy promoting and selling bow-ties and developing the brand during this past year, while creating a business model that celebrates community and explores creative options in fashion accessories.

This weekend’s event was informally called a “Bloggers’ Bash” to which I was cordially invited! If you haven’t figured it out already, I am Above-Time’s Official Blogger. (See my disclaimer below). Members of the San Diego press were there along with a bevy of photographers. For myself, it was fun to rub elbows with fashion models, artists, journalists, and fellow bloggers.

Carey Reddick and Caroline LoPresti pose for event photos after a job well-done.
Reddick and LoPresti pose for photos.


A special shout-out to Reddick’s Events Marketing Coordinator, Caroline LoPresti, a fashion student at the University of San Diego. Her knowledge and enthusiasm, coupled with her dedication to the world of fashion as a business, demonstrated her skills as an event planner.

The event was held at the Alexander Salazar Fine Art gallery in the trendy Marina district of Downtown San Diego. Salazar graciously donated the gallery for the event and was the focus of my last post The Art of Bow-Ties: A Gallery Rebrands.

Along with the exciting growth of the San Diego-based company, Reddick’s purpose for the event was to showcase and announce two major projects for Above-Time.

Accessorize with Handbags

Any fashion accessory business worth its salt is certainly going to hop onto the handbag train, and Above-Time is no exception. The brand is not just about bow-ties, although they certainly attract enough attention. The creativity with offering bow-ties is limitless.

Reddick explains, “In launching new accessory pieces, we can expand into markets for women.”

The team recently attended MAGIC, a fashion event in Las Vegas, and chose three prototypes to display at the event. Check out their website for photos of these bags.

Specialized Outdoor Clothing

Reddick’s carefully crafted branding of Above-Time includes a focus on healthy living. “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves a variety of leisure and fitness activities to keep us fit and lead balanced lives,” Reddick explains. “That is why we are super excited to add specialized outdoor wear to our line-up of products.”

We all know San Diego is a water paradise, where surfers, sailors, paddlers, and swimmers can choose the beach of their choice for recreation and competition. Jasmine Stiles, competitive prone paddler and swimmer, and newest sponsored brand rep, announced the launch of a specialized rash guard. Read more about Jasmine’s story here.

For me, as an aficionado of all things water recreation, the announcement was the best yet!

Blogger Terri Webster Schrandt and Prone Paddler/Sponsored Brand Rep Jasmine Stiles connect as water gals!
Blogger Terri Webster Schrandt and Prone Paddler/Sponsored Brand Rep Jasmine Stiles connect as water gals!

Stiles has searched fruitlessly for a comfortable rash guard to wear while paddling. Her issues with commercial rash guards are size and comfort.

“Most comfortable-feeling rash guards are just swim shirts, made for men. I’m looking for soft material that fits the contours of a woman’s body, but can stand up to wear and tear.”

Using Above-Time’s high standards for luxe and sustainable materials, this rash guard will be the prototype for comfort, yet provide protection from the sun.

Look for a launch in March 2017, in a venue on the beach in San Diego.

Reddick predicts great things for his business. Over the next few months, he and his team will be attending Fashion Week in San Diego and providing bow-ties for Leonard Simpson’s 10 Best Dressed Awards Gala. The year caps off with a booth and show at the “Men of the Desert” event at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa to be held in December.

As the business grows, I can see a bright future ahead for Above-Time.

The first two photos are submitted for the WordPress weekly photo challenge. The theme was Frame. Taking photos in an art gallery is perhaps a bit gauche, but I knew about the theme before I attended the event, so I went with it!

Although this is a sponsored post, the intent of this article is not to sell a product, but to focus attention and awareness on the growth and evolution of the Above-Time brand. Opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Very cool to read about the bow ties and how they are coming back. I think the last time I wore a bow time was a my wedding back in ’88

    Who knows, I just might be found wearing one in the near future! 🙂


  2. I have been following your articles about Above Time and love what they are doing. And they are lucky to have you in their corner telling the world about what they are doing. Your two pictures for the weekly photo challenge were awesome.


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