7 Ways Blogging Changed My Life

Blogging has changed my life in many ways. Blogging allows me to follow and read impeccable writing and interesting topics.
Blogging has changed my life in many ways. A few weeks ago, I was part of a blog series that asked this question: Why did I wait until midlife to start writing a blog? I answered that question here, but that question sparked the concept for this post. How has blogging changed my life?

Here are the seven ways blogging changed my life:

#1. Blogging introduced me to people from all over the world. 

  • I have met people who I now consider friends who live in Australia, UK, South Africa, Europe, Philippines, not to mention new friends in the states.
  • My new friends, despite their distance, are as important to me as if they were my local neighbors. I can’t imagine leaving the blogosphere. However, many bloggers are friends on social media, with whom I can stay in touch outside of blogging.

#2. Blogging allows me to follow and read impeccable writing and interesting topics.

  • I no longer subscribe to magazines; I can simply read great blogs!

#3.  Blogging honed and sharpened my writing skills.

  • When writers publish articles online, our work is forever under scrutiny.
  • Editing your work is gold! Don’t let poor grammar or typos loose on the world!

#4.  Blogging ignited the fire of creativity in my life and motivated me to take writing more seriously.

  • One by one, I have witnessed fellow bloggers self-publish their own books.
  • I self-published my first e-book in July with three others in progress!

#5.  Blogging introduced me to a vast number of resources available to writers and bloggers.

  • Between my Kindle and Pinterest, I spend time reading the newest trends in blogging, writing, photography, and self-publishing.

#6.  Blogging opened up social media channels, allowing me to connect and maintain valuable relationships. I first used Facebook to engage with family and friends (and even met my future hubby there—read this post). I am becoming more proficient at these social networking sites:

  • Twitter. I had this account even before I had Facebook, but rarely used it. Now I have well over 1200 followers.
  • LinkedIn. This is mostly used for making professional contacts.
  • Pinterest. I played around with this before I started blogging. I love to save great posts for later reading, as well as share my own.
  • Instagram. Since I love photography, using Instagram to post photos and share my blog post photos makes good sense.
  • I read about newer social media sites all the time and have experimented with Medium, Quora and StumbleUpon.

#7. Blogging gave me self-confidence to start an online business focused on writing and consulting.

  • I am developing plans to do some more freelance work that includes writing for publications, developing web content, as well as writing blog posts for businesses.

I have been at this blogging journey consistently since 2014. These two questions keep coming up:

What is in store for my future in blogging? The simple answer is, I love to write. I enjoy creating blog posts that are informative and share my love of photography and leisure.

Will I make money as a result of blogging? Who knows? I wouldn’t mind making a few bucks, but I don’t want to work that hard! My preference is to continue the writing journey for fun rather than for profit on the blog.

What I do know is that this little blog has already opened the door to fabulous writing opportunities. And that IS life-changing!

Coincidentally, Suzie, the well-known blogger of Suzie Speaks, published the following post the day before mine. Take a look at “What I’ve Learned About Blogging.” This is a perfect example of how bloggers work together and demonstrates our similar journeys into writing.

How has blogging changed YOUR life? Please leave me a comment; I would love to hear all about your experience!


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  2. Yes, so much resonance in this post. I started blogging because I felt there was a need for more non-financial information on retirement and that I could help with that. I had no idea how much I would come to value the relationships I have built as a consequence. Until recently we lived in a remote location and I would have felt much more isolated if it wasn’t for my blog.


  3. Great points. I’m just beginning my blogging journey — but have enjoyed it immensely already — for all the reasons you mention but most specifically because I want to make writing a bigger part of my life instead of a ‘when I have time’ hobby.

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  4. Ha, I didn’t check the date on this post when I started reading this, so when you said that you just published a book my first reaction was, “No, no, no! I know Terri published a book a book a couple of years ago because I own it!:” Then I laughed when I checked the date! I love blogging for all the same reasons! Stopping by from #MLSTL which is another great place to meet bloggers.

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  5. Hi Terri – I remembered this post from when I commented on it previously – and it still rings true two years later – all the things you mention but especially the connections all over the world – they’re what keep me writing!
    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂


  6. Hi Terri, I agree with all of your points. My life changed when I started blogging 3.5 years ago. Like you & including you I have made many beautiful friendships with other bloggers. I also found a creativity which I never thought I had. Apart from the connections the best part of blogging for me is when someone leaves a comment to say I have inspired them. I would love to do more with my blog but just not sure which direction to go or how to get there. Perhaps you have some tips? Thanks so much for being a part of the #MLSTL community and reminding us all about the positive benefits of blogging! Enjoy your week. xx


  7. I totally agree with all of your points! I started blogging when I was 52, wondering why, as a freelance travel writer, I was writing ‘for free’. It soon became apparent to me. There are so many benefits to blogging which outweigh monetary gain (which is hard as a blogger). Thanks for reminding me today and here’s to connecting with you again soon! #MLSTL

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  8. Blogging has enriched my life in so many ways. my blogger friends are just as dear to me as IRL friends. I’ve just found your blog and look forward to reading some of your older posts. Shared on SM #MLSTL

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  9. Thanks for sharing your perspectives on blogging, Terri! I’ve been blogging just less than two years and have experienced your points #1 to 4. Blogging is fun for me.

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  10. I love this. I’m bookmarking it for my Because of Blogging book, which is testimonials of bloggers on ways that their lives have changed. You put it eloquently. 🙂


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  12. I couldn’t agree more with you! Blogging has changed my life too and the community is so supportive. As you said you find yourself connected with people all over the world and some of them, although never met in person, are considered friends. It’s the writing that gives me so much. The exchange and sometimes the knowledge that there are others out there sharing my thoughts.

    Just like any other hobby blogging gives me a feel good feeling. Would I like to make money from my blog? Sure, why not. But only if it doesn’t kill that feel good feeling in the process…


  13. Hi Terri,
    I agree with your take on the benefits of blogging.
    I have read negative stereotypes of bloggers, for example, we waste our time– ridiculous.
    Thanks for setting the record straight that blogging is a wonderful thing.
    Thanks for bringing your post to Inspire Me Monday.
    Terri, your post won Inspire Me Monday! Congratulations! You will be featured on my site tomorrow!


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  17. I love your post, Terri! I agree that blogging has done so much for so many people and I enjoyed reading your comprehensive list! Thanks for sharing.


  18. leannelc

    Hello from Down Under 🙂 This post obviously struck a chord because so many of us feel exactly the same way. I’ll never make money from my blog because I don’t want to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me – I want to write for the sheer fun of it x


  19. The connection here is amazing! That would be my number one reason of coming back even if I get out it once in a while. I have made connections here in a level that’s more than what I normally share with people I personally know. 🙂


  20. Fantastic post Terri. I’d have to agree with you on all your reasons. Blogging does open up a whole new virtual world of friendships and avenues. 🙂


  21. true that. as long as you’re having fun, it’s all good. =)

    i can relate to most of your reasons, by the way. i reckon blogging is a good creative outlet especially if writing is your drug of choice. like you, i enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts and at times i can relate to them more because they seem like the regular folks. just like me.

    money was never really my blog’s primary intention but if i can be paid doing something i love, hey, why not? hehe.

    all the best with your blog and book. =)


  22. I agree with your views on the effect of blogging on life. My perspective is that blogging will have a bigger effect on your life if you are a persistent blogger…and clearly you are, Terri.


      1. You’re right, Terri. Photos do motivate me to share, but I have also learned that keeping current with my blog is a challenge, albeit a worthy one even when I slip up!


  23. educationdivas

    I agree that the connections with others are huge! I love my blogging friends. Teaching from home can be pretty isolating and I tend to be introverted, but I find it easy to talk with people all over the world through blogging. Blogging really does enrich our lives!


  24. Hi Terri,
    That’s brilliant to know what a change blogging/writing does to us, isn’t it? I’m a writer/blogger too, but my paycheck doesn’t come from that, unfortunately, and I can’t spend so much time doing it, as I wish I could. However, the more I write and blog and get in touch with people from so many different parts of the world, the more I want to do this forever! 🙂 Excellent article.



  25. As somebody with dyslexia, Blogging changed me in not allowing it to stop me from writing anymore. And, yes, I’m one of those bloggers who will soon join you in the self publishing world. Three years ago, I would never have dreamt that I’d be saying that I’ll soon be a published author.😀
    Blogging is a great way to boost self-confidence, but we should always remember to ensure it remains fun. I’ve seem too many bloggers become so stressed with blogging simply because they have approached it from a different angel and end up throwing in the towel. I guess we all have moments like that and it comes down to valuable posts like this to point you in the right direction.

    A great post, Terri.


  26. A great article, Terri – with a very positive attitude to blogging. iI’s quite an amazing world out there now, one I only joined a few months ago. So glad we recently had the chance to meet online.


  27. sizzlesue15

    I love that you blog Terri, otherwise I would not have met you! I also love the fact that as bloggers we are a community who help and support each other in the roller coaster ride of blogging. I agree with all of the ways blogging changes your life and I, as someone who started blogging in midlife 18 months ago, have also experienced these changes. I think that confidence is still an issue although I’m getting better at believing in myself. Thanks for another great post. Your Aussie friend, Sue from Sizzling Towards 60!


  28. Yes, the pull between fun and money is always there. Always. I err on the fun side, myself, although I have made my living as a writer. But now? I don’t want to work that hard. I want to write what I want to write, period. Most of the time, anyway.


  29. Hi Terri! I so agree with all your points about why I blog. My blog is five years old now (WOW!) and I have to admit I’ve seen lots of good writers come and go. But when you can honestly list the above seven ways you benefit, then there is a good chance you’ll stick with it. I don’t think a lot of people realize how much work and time is involved, but when we have good motivation we can’t imagine doing anything else, right? Congratulations on your 2 year blog-aversary! And may you have MANY more! ~Kathy


  30. How inspired! How inspiring! I love to blog and I’m going to take it in new directions- but your post made me feel even more excited that I was before. Thank you!


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