3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge: Olympic Morning Inspirations

It's the Olympics. If you can't get up to swim in the early morning, don't go. M. Phelps

Nothing is more inspiring in the world of athletics than the Summer Olympic Games. I have been faithfully watching Olympic competition since I can remember. I vividly recall sitting in front of our black and white TV watching swimmer Mark Spitz win his gold medals during the 1972 Olympics.

Growing up in San Diego, I loved swimming at the beach and in swimming pools. I was naturally athletic and I literally learned how to swim the butterfly just by watching Mark Spitz swim. I admit I didn’t get the hang of the stroke until I watched my fellow high school team mates under the water to get that undulating dolphin-kick rhythm just right.

I fell in love with gymnastics when I saw gymnast Olga Korbet (USSR) bend herself backwards over the balance beam in 1972, then witnessed the athletic perfection of Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, in 1976.

I also love the Winter Olympics and have recently been inspired by the disabled athletes in the Paralympic Games.

To this day I watch track and field events, beach volleyball, and diving, to name a few, included with those mentioned above. New Olympic athletes continue to inspire.

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I have been nominated to participate in the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. We can choose a different topic for each day. In honor of the Summer Olympics games, this will be my theme over the three days.

For my first day of the challenge, I am using the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge as inspiration for my three quotations. This week’s theme is Morning.

“It’s the Olympics. If you can’t get up to swim early in the morning, don’t go.” – Michael Phelps

As I write this post, swimmer Michael Phelps won his 21st gold medal in his fourth Olympics. He is the oldest swimmer in history to win gold… and he ought to know.


If drinking coffee was an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist!

Yes, I love my coffee! At least the mug sports a windsurfer in mid-jump. Windsurfing is STILL an Olympic sport.

Last but not least, is this motivational quote that all of us can relate to.

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning!


Here are the rules for joining the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge!

Provide three new quotes on topics of your choice each day for three days. I am choosing to spread my days out over two weeks.

  • Nominate 3 new bloggers each day for three days.
  • Thank the lovely writer who challenged you.
  • Let the bloggers you have challenged know about it.

I was nominated by my lovely gal pal from Australia, Sue Loncaric at Sizzling Toward Sixty
Please pay a visit to her wonderful blog!

Here are the three bloggers I nominate for the challenge. Even if they choose not to participate, please take a quick visit to their blogs and show them some love!

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Which Olympic athletes inspire you?

17 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge: Olympic Morning Inspirations

  1. I didn’t watch Mark Spitz,or olga but grew up hearing about them! And I do remember Nadia!!
    Micheal Phelps is so awe inspiring!! 20 years of gold medal winning!! WOW!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and now sharing your coffee meme with me!
    I’ll go visit Sue too. Love the name of her blog!!


  2. Terri, You brought back memories with Mark Spitz and Olga Korbet. Wonder what ever happened to them? I’ll have to do a Google search. Loved your quotes and I think that’s one of the great things about the Olympics, they inspire all of us.


  3. sizzlesue15

    Love your quotes Terri and thanks for taking up the challenge. Michael Phelps is such a role model for many of us. He has gone from highs to low and then back on top which shows what determination can do for you. I might be a challenger for the coffee drinking LOL:)


  4. Been watching the Olympics as well. Was actually there four years ago when it was in London. How time flies! I hear it could be coming to your part of the world in 2024, Terri. I hope you manage to get some tickets if L.A does win the bid.
    I’ll pass on the Coffee, but could be a gold medalist when it comes to chocolate 😀


      1. I think somebody must have rinsed out a paint brush in that pool.
        Great contest yesterday in the men’s diving. It’s about time GB got a gold in the diving. Those two guys are going to be huge stars when they get back to the UK. I’m hear they’ve already been signed up by a couple of advertising companies. I better practice my gold medal chocolate eating in time for 2020.


  5. sizzlesue15

    Hi Terri love your quotes and I find sports are always a good motivator. I love watching the Olympics – any of the sports but of course swimming because I’m from Australia. I remember once watching the end of a marathon and the girl could hardly walk, they helped her over the line but she never gave up. Inspirational!


  6. Love your quotes! You really don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but you won’t be in the Olympics. Pretty well sums up everything in life. Your either willing to do what it takes, or you won’t do it.


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