Things are Looking Up: Weekly Photo Challenge

Look up! Weekly Photo Challenge. Seagulls ride the thermals in Baja

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is Look Up. When we take photos, we likely hone in on subjects near or far. This challenge asks us to look up and see what is above our heads.

While we stayed in Baja Mexico, there were multiple opportunities to look up and see what was flying above my head besides kites from kite boarders. Seabirds love the warm thermals and float on them all day long.

Closer to home, near Sacramento State University, is the Guy West Bridge, built to connect the college campus over the American River with Campus Commons and other neighborhoods. Why yes, it does resemble San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. This was my perspective one early morning from the bike trail.

Looking up at the Guy West Bridge near Sacramento State

While eating in a restaurant, have you ever looked up at the ceilings? While many modern restaurants seem to have the contemporary look of exposed A/C ducts, my favorite Dim-Sum restaurant in Little Vietnam loves to decorate their ceilings with elaborate chandeliers and other decor.

looking up into a chandelier

While we were there one Saturday morning, the staff was setting up for a large wedding. I guess the bride really liked pink! These bright streamers covered the entire ceiling.

Look up at this ceiling decor

Next time you have your camera or smart phone, look up and shoot what’s there!

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13 thoughts on “Things are Looking Up: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. sizzlesue15

    I love your photography Terri and I laughed when I read Gilly’s comment about the street light 🙂 Such a varied selection, I must look up from time to time. I’m not the world’s best photographer and sometimes I end up with some weird photos of the pavement because I’ve clicked the button accidentally ha! ha! Have a great day! Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty.


  2. Last time I did this – I walked into a street light 😦 Just kidding! Great pictures Terri – that is the number one thing I tell my photography students, change your point of view from eye-level!


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