Summer Editorial Calendar Round-Up: Choosing the Right Calendar/Planner

Summer editorial calendar round-up. Choosing the right calendar/planner

The doldrums of Summer are here and perhaps your blog is feeling the effects. I don’t know about you, but my blogging experience has proven that summer can be a slow season for bloggers. Recently I have read a few posts on how bloggers can enjoy their summers while still maintaining a minimum blogging presence.

One way to accomplish this without losing all your hard-earned followers and readers, is to take this time to critically examine your current editorial calendar.

And what if you do not have one? At the bottom of this post, I will leave a few links to resources you can use now.

Choosing the Right Calendar for your Blogging (or Writing) Needs

While creating this post, I googled “editorial calendars.” Yes, the hits are huge! I wrote a post last summer “What’s On my Editorial Calendar” and in re-reading it, I realized how much my blog has changed just since then. So what do I use? I have a hard-copy notebook-style planner with weekly and monthly calendars, with room for notes.

Features in a calendar that bloggers seem to prefer include:

  • Room to write notes
  • Week-at-a-glance, with spaces on which to write
  • Monthly calendar, with room for notes
  • Access to a yearly calendar
  • Spiral binding for lying flat
  • Dates with holidays or other special days

Why Use a Planner or Editorial Calendar at All?

Blogging is a choice that provides much satisfaction, but bloggers who have been at it a while know how much work it takes to think of, create, write and prepare a fabulous blog post. While some bloggers can write every single day (more power to ya!), many choose to post just once a week. If you are in somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, you are not alone.

The Need for Pre-Planning

For the past several months, due to the demands of lecturing in new courses at a university, I chose to cut my blog posts down to twice a week, with one post dedicated to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Even with my summers off from teaching, I made a commitment to write daily as I prepare my e-books, which has taken time away my blog.

Recently, a family emergency caught me off guard and an unexpected week-long trip south hampered my ability to spend time on the blog, much less write content for my e-books. This event and another post I read got me thinking about how much pre-planning needs to go into my blog.

Rather than let my blog go completely dark, I tried to read and comment on some others’ posts, but just didn’t have the time given the circumstances. By the end of the week I managed to post for the weekly photo challenge, but emotionally I was drained. And quite honestly, spending face-time with my loved ones was more important than worrying about my blog.

Having an editorial calendar with planned posts would certainly have eliminated the guesswork and emotional turmoil I was experiencing which led to not writing.

The Kinesthetics of Writing

While down south, I spent a lot of time visiting my mom in her nursing home and away from a computer. I brought a small planner with me that allowed me to write notes and capture ideas. It’s the right size to fit into my small handbag, with plenty of room for notes. I also carry a journal-style notebook for writing down the big ideas and storing loose pages. I just cannot jot notes onto a mobile device, even with the best of One Note or Ever-note at my disposal.

While waiting in the hospital, I had the opportunity to write with pen and paper which was the therapy I needed to get me through the week. As writers, we never know when inspiration will strike, and I know my midlife brain under stress would not remember a thing.

I used this time to plan my next two months of blog posts.

Editorial Calendar Round-Up

WordPress has this great post explaining the value of using editorial calendars.

Debbie Rodrigues of Debbie In Shape also had tips for handling summer down time.

Elena Peters shares her post Why Bullet Journalling Will Make You A Better Blogger.

There are lots of great ideas for finding or creating your own editorial calendar. I finally found one on Amazon called “Tools 4 Wisdom Planner Calendar.”

What is your action plan for summer blog posts? Do you use an editorial calendar or planner? I would love to read your ideas in the comments. Leave a link (in the comments) to your blog so I can come visit!

45 thoughts on “Summer Editorial Calendar Round-Up: Choosing the Right Calendar/Planner

  1. Oh my, you had me at “planner” Terri. I love calendars! The old fashion ones that you can check things off your list. I have one Day Planner that I use for everything whether it’s blogging, word count, tracking my workouts, laundry, appointments…you name it. Thanks for reposting!

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  2. Reblogged this on Second Wind Leisure Perspectives and commented:

    Welcome to my sort of new feature, Reblog Thursdays. It may remind you of my recent “Reblog Tuesdays” but I am tabling that for now.
    Let me explain…
    As an adjunct university lecturer, I don’t teach in the summer! These next three months are wide open for me to get busy writing my new book “No Excuses Fitness,” which I have finally started.

    So, less blogging, more book writing.

    I plan to reblog some of my older, popular posts that will be of interest to folks, especially to newer readers. I also find others blogs and will reblog those as well. Of course, I will continue to contribute every Friday to the WordPress weekly photo challenge.

    Please enjoy this post from last July 2016.


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  4. I tend to plan out post ideas by the week but also try to have a month overview of blog post ideas and themes. Each month I try something new or set my sites on introducing a new product or series. It has really helped when I have to go out of town or work late


  5. Great post (and timely)! Thanks for sharing so many resources, Terri. I added an editorial calendar to my blog — not sure how it’s helping me. 😦 I’d appreciate a little feedback if you have time to look at my space. Just check out The Malone Zone tab at if you have time. I’ve only been blogging for eight months, so I still need tips. 🙂 By the way, I have a notebook for sketching out dates and a journal for outlines and story starters.


  6. Hi. I’m visiting from the #BlogShareLearn Linky Party
    I’ve been blogging for only a couple of years, but I’ve discovered early on the usefulness of an editorial calendar. I use a monthly one, on paper, because I will always prefer planning on paper, though I also use the WP editorial calendar for actual scheduling. I don’t knwo what woudl I do withiout it.

    I had a family emergency too, and then I decided to revamp my blog and now I’m so behind with scheduling. Need to get going! 😉


  7. I suck at editorial calendars. I wish one of these days I could get it together and stick to one! It would save me lots of stress and heartache!


  8. mmstreeter1

    I don’t use anything but my faithful old Google calendar. For me it works. One day when I have the extra time and my mind can take on another challenge, these suggestions and posts will help me learn something new. Thanks for sharing all this great info with your readers.


  9. I jot ideas in a small notebook also. I like the idea of an editorial calendar, and it would have come in handy many times to have some content prepared ahead of time, especially when my Dad was ill and my life was quite unpredictable. I just haven’t been able to keep an editorial calendar. I post one a week, and even that is a challenge sometimes. I vow to get organized and write posts ahead of time, it would reduce blogging stress and my blog should not be stress inducing!


    1. Thanks, Michele! Even as “organized” as I claim to be, I’m still not. I jotted down blog post ideas on random notes only to forget about them then find them much later. Yay, midlife brain! And you are right, blogging should not be stress-inducing!!


  10. Wendy

    I have made half-hearted attempts at using an editorial calendar several times, but that is as far as I have gotten — and I pay for my lack of organization! When “life happens” (which it seems to do a lot around here! 🙂 ), my blog almost always goes dark for a bit. It is then a matter of playing catch up. Just this morning I was working on an editorial plan, and trying to work out a posting schedule. Goodness, it can get overwhelming, but if I can get it on paper (or computer), at least maybe I’ll be able to wrangle it. Also, Tanya from Moms Small Victories has a free blog planner that can be used electronically or printed. I’ve found it very useful. Let me know if you want the direct link. I’m not affiliated with her in any way — I just like her planner. 🙂


  11. Hi Terri! I don’t have an editorial calendar but I do have a white board wall where ideas and topics get written down (and so does my mileage and steps for each week as well as the outline for the book I’m writing! LOL)


    1. Wow, Peggy, your the second person who said they use a whiteboard. Now I’m intrigued. I have a little-bitty one next to my desk but it’s for my university lecturing stuff. Maybe you have a good post in the making–how to use a whiteboard for blog ideas 🙂


      1. LOL – I’ve shown pictures of my whiteboard wall to friends and they’re sort of envious. I just knew I had to take my ideas and outlines out of my journal and my calendar and put them somewhere I could see them All. The. Time. And not only that, anyone who walks into my office sees them, too. Kind of a like a good accountability partner bonus 🙂


  12. I’ve tried to use a calendar planner but I just can’t keep it up. I tend to put it down and loose it. instead, I keep a small notebook to jot things down and for time, I keep a list written on paper that is stuck to my refrigerator. It works for me.


  13. I don’t use a calendar, and maybe it shows. I don’t necessarily post with a schedule. I used to and I would like to again. Just have to prioritize life over the blog lately. I do live and die by my daily planner in general, so I might want to incorporate that and an editorial calendar. Definitely want to check these out.


  14. Lots of good ideas in this post and also the links you provided that will hopefully help me to get on top of my form. Recently, for the first time in my lengthy ‘blog-life” I have deliberately pledged to post three times each week: Tuesday, Thursday, and at least one time on the weekend. I’m thinking one of the three will probably be a picture and a short post. Thanks for all the good ideas, friend. See you (on line) again soon.


  15. I’m just getting started with trying to use an editorial calendar. I decided to take advantage of the free database at I use one database for keeping track of all my published posts spread throughout various sites — where first published, when deleted, when and where republished, when last edited, etc. I use another to list what subjects I want to write about each day. So far I haven’t found any already published editorial calendar that seems to work for me. I will, however, check into the ones you’ve mentioned.


  16. Except for a simple editorial calendar that’s on my notebook and Google calendar, I don’t use anything fancy. However, what you’ve written about is such a great resource. I’ll bear that in mind. It may be time to up my game. Thanks, Terri!


  17. I guess I’m not a die hard blogger because I don’t use a blogging calender. I just post once a week – when I write for my flash fiction challenge. Still working through burnout! Great post, Terri!


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