Opposites on Display

Old meets new in Salazar Fine Arts Gallery

What comes to mind when you hear the word “opposite?” For today’s weekly photo challenge, Opposites is the theme.

In San Diego this week for a family emergency, once things settled down and improved, I tagged along with my brother-in-law to visit an art gallery in downtown’s Marina District. Carey Reddick II, is owner and CEO of Above-Time, Inc, the new business that creates and sells handmade bow-ties and accessories.

Alexander Salazar Fine Arts Gallery is the new storefront home to Reddick’s creations. The art gallery is one of Above-Time’s sponsored brand reps (stay tuned later this month for an official post) that is committed to the San Diego community by promoting and cultivating an appreciation for fine arts.

While there, Reddick began setting up his corner in the gallery for display. The gallery is home to a variety of eclectic pieces, including Italian Renaissance-style busts. Reddick artfully combined his new bow-ties with this old-style bust, which now sports his own bow-tie!

Above-Time's CEO prepares the bow-tie display

Watching the creative process at work never ceases to amaze me. Using the gallery’s existing art pieces to integrate the bow-tie retail line was a pleasure to behold. Creating three-dimensional displays is an art form unto itself.

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22 thoughts on “Opposites on Display

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  2. “Seriously? I’m standing here naked. In a window. And you put a bow tie on me?” OMgoodness! This should be a caption competition because of the look on the sculpture’s face – it’s brilliant. (Yes I KNOW it’s only the top bit but I am using my imagination and a bit of artistic licence!) 😂


  3. Frank Simpson

    It may be just me but the top photo of the statue/bust on the left almost mirrors your image on the right side of the page! 🙂


  4. I thought of you and Above Time last week… I saw the most amazing bow tie made out of aluminum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture, but perhaps it could inspire a new line. I’m glad to read that your family emergency has been taken care of.


    1. Thanks, Janis. My mom took a turn for the worse, but shook this one off. We’ll see what happens if another infection takes hold. I’m grateful for the time I spent with her this week visiting her in the nursing home. It’s been a whirlwind, otherwise I would have called you for a coffee date!


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