Between the Lines: Why I Waited Until Midlife to Start a Blog


between the lines logo final sidebarKate from Katherine’s Corner is shining the light on bloggers age 50 plus and I am excited to be part of her blog series, “Between The Lines.” There are over 80 midlife bloggers who have shared posts in this series. Stop by and visit when you can.

At midlife, many women (and men!) I know, including myself, take a good long look at themselves, and ask, “What motivates us to embark on new adventures?” For many, blogging can be the adventure of a lifetime!

Why did I wait until midlife to start a blog?

After divorcing at age 35 and raising two daughters alone, with no monetary help, and often with a side hustle thrown on top of a demanding career, it took 12 years for everything to fall into place in my 47th year.

Welcome to My Side Hustles

Other than some multi-level marketing scams and some seasonal retail, my best side hustle was my freelance proofreading and copy-editing business “In Other Words Editorial Services.” I worked this part-time for several years and enjoyed the old school method of marking up paper copy. I also got referrals for other proofreading and copy-editing gigs during that time.

However, all good things must come to an end. The editor sold her business and technology advanced with something called spell-check (although I’m here to tell you I am better than ANY spell checker out there). The need for proofreaders drastically diminished and it still shows to this day!

Tired of working random side hustles, I needed a part-time gig that paid well but took less time.

In my career field of Parks and Recreation (yes, Leslie Knope and I are kindred spirits), I knew several colleagues that lectured part-time at a nearby university. The Recreation, Parks and Tourism department always needed lecturers to teach night classes. Intrigued, I began researching what it would take to go for a master’s degree. Two hurdles stared me in the face: time and money, so I did not pursue this right away.

In late 2006, the light bulb went on. By this time, my oldest daughter was out of college and my youngest was nearing the end of high school. I had been successfully training my recreation and lifeguard staff for several years and enjoyed teaching high school and college-aged young people.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree

My work provided tuition reimbursement. That’s all I needed to know. With my boss’ blessing, I went back to school in January 2007.

Students studying for exams
free image from Hubspot

I told the professors that I was there so I could eventually teach part-time. They supported the idea and encouraged me stating that having long-time practitioners teaching the craft and best practices were needed in this profession. Taking two classes per semester was painless, but challenging. The master’s program at the state university wasn’t expensive (yet) and I funded school with that tuition reimbursement, a new credit card and two scholarships.

I chose to write a master’s thesis instead of taking the easy route with a project. I finished my coursework in 2009 and published my thesis in December 2010. At age 51, walking at the graduation ceremony (with honors) in front of my grown daughters and boyfriend (now my hubby), was truly an incredible experience.

I had opportunities with several national organizations and businesses to present training on the subject of the Four Generations. I became somewhat of an expert and still present to this day, also teaching elements of this subject in my university classes.

Starting a Blog

One day, while concluding a presentation, someone asked me if I wrote a blog about this subject. Intrigued, I took stock of my extensive arsenal of research, gathered it up and signed up with WordPress in October, 2011 and started blogging about the Four Generations. Click here for a post about Baby Boomers.

Why I waited until midlife to start a blogSadly, I became bored with the extensive writing and research I felt compelled to include for each post and stopped. Plus, I only had two followers.

I gradually changed the blog to cover general, professional development subjects, including temperament assessments and some re-blogged articles about women in leadership.

Bored again, and too busy at work, I wrote my last post in May 2014. In September of that year, for some unknown reason, I logged into WordPress and saw an opportunity to join Blogging University 101.

A New Blog is Born

That’s when I changed the blog to Perspectives On…Life, Work and Leisure. To this day, after connecting with bloggers from that September 2014 blogging course, I am still following several who started at the same time. What is notable about the start of my blog, is that it coincided with my decision to retire shortly after.

With the decision to self-host and one more blog title change to Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, I am happily blogging.

Meeting and connecting with uncountable midlife women on this journey has been richly rewarding. After meeting many of my blogging heroes in Las Vegas at BAM2016 and other face-to-face meetings, I have continued my calling as a blogger and writer.

If you are a midlife blogger, I would love to know how you started blogging!

75 thoughts on “Between the Lines: Why I Waited Until Midlife to Start a Blog

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  2. Terri, what an inspiring story!! I think this new name is the perfect one!
    I started PurpleSlob in 2014, at age 53. I needed accountability to force me, er help me, keep on track for cleaning the house. Still a work in progress there! AT least I haven’t run outta material for the blog yet! lol


  3. I don’t know how I missed this post earlier! Wow! This is great. I am writing a book, Because of Blogging to document stories like these and to share how to start the journey. I am a late life blogger, too. I started in 2012 at age 60, and retired the same year and went at it full time. The things I learned were astounding. What a great story you have, Terri! I’d love it if you would do an interview for my blog. 🙂


  4. I was really intrigued reading your story. I thought it was very interesting that your started several blogs until you found the right fit. I admire all that you have accomplished and how you have discovered your niche. Thanks for sharing your story.


  5. I started blogging after having to move and being alone with my kids, but have long had the goal of being a writer. Today I’m reaching that goal–in part due support from 3 other bloggers I met along the way. Your story is very inspiring.


  6. So nice to meet you through Between the Lines. I started blogging back in 2008 to promote a paper-crafting business. I no longer have that business, and I probably only post one paper craft a week now. Like you, I grew bored having a singularly focused blog, and now consider myself a lifestyle blogger .


  7. I started blogging back in 2011 because I was tired of making you tube videos and I always wanted to be a writer. I’ve had so many different blogs, wax, beauty, nail polish, went self hosted, hated that and now I’m back with blogger (just waiting for my domain name to expire so I can buy it agin). After trying everything I finally realized I need to write about who I am and my opinions of what’s going on in my life. I feel so free and truly enjoy blogging more. Stopping by from #BlogShareLearn linky


  8. I loved learning about your story of how you got into blogging! I started blogging in 2012, just after my 47th birthday! I had written a few fashion articles for a quarterly magazine but I thought it would be good to write weekly on my own blog. I started 3 times a week on just fashion & shoes … but then I was asked to cover a private shoe viewing & I met not only the shoe designer but many other interesting people … and my blog evolved into its present day interview based format. I feature in Between The Lines wk 2 😊

    visited via #BlogShareLearn linky


  9. I enjoyed reading this, Terri. I would qualify as a senior-life blogger, although most days I feel more like a midlife blogger. Obviously blogging is a good occupation (or preoccupation) for anyone who likes to write.


  10. You have certainly proven Terri that if we want something badly enough we will find a way. Sometimes we have have to have a starting point as with your first blog and then over time you begin to understand what you want from blogging and what you want to write about. I love reading your posts and am so pleased we met – even though not in person yet sadly. – one day perhaps. I’m glad you found new inspiration to keep going!


  11. Age is just a number, Terri. Awesome story, quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing and blogging. Dropped by from Elena’s wonderful #BlogShareLearn but always glad to be here. 🙂 Hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂


  12. What a testimony to what hard work, determination and the support of family can do. Learned so much about you in this post. Thanks for sharing your story at Party at My Place. Enjoyed it.


  13. Hi Terri! Nice to meet you from #blogsharelearn. I started blogging in 2006 – I was 42ish and it feels like a lifetime ago. I started because I’m a writer and a tech geek and I thought the blending of the two was cool. So I found a great outlet for my poetry and essays. My blog has evolved and changed over the years, finally settling on having my own domain name and an overarching theme of “Let Go Move Forward.” I also have a podcast of the same name.


  14. leannelc

    So many interesting things about you that I didn’t know! Also interesting that you’ve morphed through several blogs – I’ve just been toodling along with my original one since Dec 2014 – I don’t think I could find the oomph to start again from scratch – even the thought of swapping over to is too much for my brain to handle……..maybe when I retire 🙂


  15. I enjoyed reading your story, Terri and so nice to meet you! I’m your newest follower on your social media platforms and look forward to following your posts. To answer your question…I had thought about starting a blog to share our DIY home renovation projects to family and friends. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and didn’t follow any blogs either. The name of my blog came to me in a dream and the rest is history.


  16. suzannestavert

    It was so great to read your story! I am now 55 (just had a birthday) and I have had my blog for two years. Midlife women rock. Everyone has their own story to tell, writing style, and purpose and there is room for everyone! I look forward to staying connected. Suzanne


  17. I am indeed a midlife blogger…a very young 60, I’ve been blogging for a couple of years but not as regularly as I would have liked. You know how life can get in the way of things. Especially the things you enjoy. Recently, I’ve rededicated myself and a part of my day, or night, to blogging. My goal is to post at least three times a week. I love perusing the different sites – after all, everybody’s got a story. Thanks so much for this post. It reminds me that I am not alone, life is a struggle at times, but we keep getting up.


  18. Nice to meet you through the Between the Lines blog series Terri! I don’t know however, if I want you to visit my blog – with your extensive work in editing and proofreading I am afraid to have you visit! 🙂 Your story was inspiring. Thank you for sharing!


  19. It’s nice meeting you Terri, and reading your inspiring road to blogging! I started my blog in June 2011 and other than keeping the same name, it’s changed a lot over time, especially since last summer. I’ve really enjoyed this series and hate to see it end, but I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers over the past two months, so that’s a good thing. I’m going to try keeping up with you through social media!


  20. Hi Terri, I’m so glad I found you through the Between the Lines Series. It has been super exciting meeting other bloggers the same age as myself. I, too, started my blog after 50 … it all started when I was going through terrible menopause symptoms and was doing research as to what I could do to help myself holistically. Much to my dismay, I found very little information other than see your doctor … so I started my blog to be a voice and inspiration to other midlife women going through the same thing. It has since grown to offer travel tips, recipes and other life ramblings but blogging has been a huge outlet for me. It keeps me moving, traveling and seeking out inspiration to bring home to my readers. I just love it!


    1. That is great to hear, Carla. Just got back online and intend to check out the other bloggers. I’m so sorry to read about your terrible symptoms 😦 I was really lucky that my power surges were manageable (I was a good candidate for HRT and took advantage!). Blogging is the best!


  21. Wendy

    I really enjoyed reading your story about how you got started blogging, but even more so, how you adjusted and changed as your interests/focus changed. Your posts have been inspiring me and reminding all of us that is it okay to take time for “leisure.” It’s too easy to think of relaxation as wasting time, but what mistake!


  22. Very interesting Terri! I started my blog later in life (after retirement) as a hobby. It has been very enjoyable. Lately though, I have been feeling some burnout and have slowed my posts and reading down hoping to get back into the swing of things once again.


    1. Hi Jodie! Thanks you! I have dabbled in photography for years but with blogging, needed to make sure I always have a stock of photos ready! In fact, I am in the process of launching an ebook called “Better Blogging with Photography” 🙂


  23. Wonderful story Terri. Thanks so much for sharing. I turned 50 last year and even though I’ve been writing for a few years (and had many articles published) I feel as though it’s only this past six months that I’ve truly found my voice. xo


  24. Rev Crouse

    I love your story, Terri. Thanks so much for sharing it. I started blogging after 50 and it has been an unexpected source of fun while challenging. I needed more adventure and to learn something new so I jumped in. And so glad I did. 🙂


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