The Purity of Growing Your Own Veggies

Pure is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I racked my brain and looked through older photos trying to find images that depicted “pure.”

Purity of growing tomatos

Then I walked into my own backyard garden today and saw the baby veggies growing in the garden. Nothing says purity than planting your own veggies, watching them sprout and grow into mature, robust, healthy vegetables.

growing grape tomato ready for its close-up

We planted two tomatoes, one grape tomato, a yellow squash and a zucchini squash. These plants love the warm Sacramento nights and many hot days.

pure gladness comes to me from my garden

Bonus One: I get to eat my own fresh, organic veggies.

Bonus Two: According to Weight Watchers (lost 23 lbs so far) most veggies have zero points.

Bonus Three?: Watch out…if you live close, you may find a bounty of these on your doorstep!

Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone.

What’s in your garden?

16 thoughts on “The Purity of Growing Your Own Veggies

  1. Wow! You may remember that I grow 55 different fruits and veggies in my yard, of which I derive 70 percent of my sustenance from. I also have five chickens which supply eggs daily. I love the garden; I am most creative after a day of soil toil. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I have a container garden on my deck. It is relatively safe from squirrels, but the birds can be a bit of a problem sometimes. I have celery, onion, eggplant, kale, dill, cilantro, basil, and thyme growing.


  3. I need to plant a garden. Of course, I’ve been saying this for years. Still, the thought of picking fresh veggies and eating them right from my own garden sounds so good. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.


  4. I so miss having my own garden! Was going to try and plant one this year and then Indiana became a test site for a new line of ships from the Noah Ark Company for about two months!


  5. My partner is also growing vegetables and fruit this year. However, our cool and wet British Summers usually mean they don’t do too well. Wish I was one of your neighbours so I could find one of those boxes on my doorstep, Terri.
    Enjoy the fruits of your garden.


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  7. I have a small garden too- grape tomatoes, regular tomatoes, green beans and zucchini. I love the freshness and convenience and that there are no chemicals!


  8. The squirrels love it when I plant food. We have three big and bearing hazelnut bushes which I watch carefully to see when the nuts ripen enough I can squeeze them out before the squirrels. From one day to the next, the bushes are bare. But I can manage cherry and grape tomatoes. They go after them but not with the same harvesting ferocity. And that’s what I get for having a no pesticides, no weed killer, a no chemicals nature friendly back yard. Lol.


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