Paddling for Bow-Ties: How Community Shapes the Above-Time Brand

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How does community shape a business brand? As a close family friend of CEO Carey Reddick, I have watched Above Time evolve and grow into the amazing brand that it is.

Last August (2015), Reddick officially launched Above Time, Inc., his upscale bow-tie and fashion accessories line, which appeals to people who wish to live the “well-garnished life.”

Above-Time is based in San Diego, California, and helps support the community through employment and manufacturing. Reddick explains that Above Time’s San Diego roots are important because everything about the company is local to San Diego and Southern California lifestyle.

As Above-Time has gained a successful following with online sales, Reddick is carefully crafting his new vision for the company to reflect this lifestyle, transforming the company into a “Lifestyle Brand.”

Reddick adds, “Within this brand, Above-Time will feature accessories, travel, food, and gift boxes, which will attract people who want to enjoy a particular lifestyle that includes healthy living.”

An Idea is Formed
A recent opportunity presented itself as Reddick attended a masters’ swim meet one weekend to watch his partner, a nationally-ranked masters’ swimmer, compete. Reddick was introduced to Jasmine Stiles, a middle-school PE teacher and masters’ swimmer, who is also a prone paddle-board competitor. Image (4) Stiles-paddling.jpg for post 5120

After some discussion and idea sharing, Jasmine became Above-Time’s newest sponsored brand rep. When Jasmine competes in her next race in San Diego, she will be sporting a rash guard with Above Time’s logo.

Says Reddick, “Sponsoring an award-winning prone paddler who competes on the San Diego beaches and beyond, helps showcase Above Time as a lifestyle brand.”

Introducing Jasmine Stiles
What makes Jasmine an exciting brand rep for Above Time is her outdoor lifestyle. Now 50, Stiles has competed at the masters swimming level since 2008, a member of San Diego Swim Masters. In April, she placed first in five individual swimming events.

Jasmine Siles Prone Paddler ChampionStiles began prone paddling in September of 2014. Two masters’ swimmers convinced her to try it, since she herself was a swimmer. “I decided to try it out the day before my first race. I loved it so much and felt so comfortable on the board that I ended up winning the (Del Mar Powerhouse) race the next day.” She recently competed in the 10k Sunday Sunday Sunday series in San Diego’s Mission Bay and garnered the women’s overall championship and placed third overall behind two other male pros. She competes again in the series on August 7th.
Not to be confused with stand-up paddling (SUP), prone paddling emerged from the surfing world. Stiles races on a 12-foot prone paddleboard, paddling on her stomach or knees. “It is much harder than SUP!” she admits.

Through participation in swimming and paddling, Stiles sets an example of healthy living to her middle-school students.

What prevents someone from wearing their bow tie or hair bow or other accessories while stand-up or prone paddling? There is nothing wrong with setting a fashion statement for yourself while you’re enjoying your favorite leisure activities.

Will we be seeing bow ties and other accessories being made out of waterproof neoprene one of these days? Knowing Reddick, I wouldn’t be surprised.

As part of the community-building process, some proceeds continue to benefit Interactions for Peace, a bullying prevention program. Now when you purchase a bow-tie, you buy into the power of peacemaking and a leisure lifestyle.

Don’t let Dad Go Out Looking Bad
If you are still looking for that perfect gift for Father’s Day, why not celebrate Dad in style with a Fathers’ Day Box Collection? Each set will include bow-tie, tie, handkerchief, socks and cigar, all for the price of $49.99.
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Another sponsored brand rep is Alexander Salazar Art Galleries, a San Diego artist who will be featured in my next Above Time post.

This is a sponsored post of Above Time and its bow-ties and products. I am being compensated to write this article, but I wholeheartedly endorse and support these products. My opinions would be the same.

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  3. Jasmine is 50? #Iwillhavewhatsheishaving, I will have to turn Miss Madison onto this site for the upcoming Father’s Day gift ideas! The business model is fantastic, and sounds like this guy has a bright future ahead of him.


  4. sizzlesue15

    I love a bow tie Terri and also great to see a midlife woman being the brand rep! Midlifers can do anything.


  5. Perhaps it can be both? It seems to me that a really compelling product or look can overtake a community occasionally, and by doing so, become ingrained in that community’s psyche. Back home, my home town of Coaldale is noted for its world-class mennonite sausage. Imagine my surprise when I found out that mennonite sausage was not invented overseas by Mennonite ancestors, but by Coaldale farmers and butchers within the past one hundred years. Now, mennonite sausage is in demand all over Canada and in some US states. So, their distinct-flavored sausage has become synonymous with the small community I grew up in. Does that sort of speak to what you’re saying here, Terri?


    1. What an interesting example, Scott! I don’t know if I would go that far in the comparison for an online accessories biz, but building community IS very important in every endeavor. I’m sure the CEO would like to “flavor” every bow-tie with San Diego flair 🙂


      1. Well, for what it’s worth, it is the example that came to my mind. HAHA Maybe that’s why I’m a writer and not a CEO. Thanks, Terri!


  6. leannelc

    Love the model (nothing like a cute guy with tatts and a bow tie!) Interesting to see the tie in with paddle boarding too – it sounds like a brand that is looking to encompass more than just the hipster market 🙂


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