It’s All a Numbers Game

numbers on a temperature clock

Can you live without numbers? No matter where we look, numbers and numerals are everywhere. The Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on Numbers this week.

This week we are experiencing temperatures in the low 100s. Today will top out at 104! Welcome to June in Northern California.

My wall temperature gauge has never worked right and insists that it is only a little over 70 degrees. I think it is just decoration now.

This is also submitted for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Close-Ups.

Even if you are not a great photographer, consider joining these fun photography challenges. We all need photos for our blogs and websites, why not practice with yours and link to new readers at the same time?

Thanks for reading!

37 thoughts on “It’s All a Numbers Game

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      • lol. Believe me, Terri, I get very, very grumpy when it gets too hot. Better keep the heat with you. At least it’s dry heat. Ours often comes with humidity. When that happens I’m like the grumpiest man on Earth. 😑


  4. Hi Terri! We hit 117 here in the La Quinta area today. HOT! Fortunately I have a good A/C AND solar to power it but I know not everyone is as fortunate. Meanwhile, it’s a good day to catch up with what all my friends in the blogosphere are doing. Have fun with your photos! ~Kathy


  5. The Delta Breeze is one of my favorite Sacramento memories! Summer has arrived here in Portland too! We are blazing hot this weekend too with temps around 100! Not usual for our area! Stay cool and have a great day! 😎


  6. Central CA is headed for 108. I think it was 105 yesterday. Felt hot enough to stay inside. Even the pool was hot! Great post. I have family in Portland, OR, and he was happy to enjoy our heat, then on Sat. went home to hot temperatures of his own Glad to meet you on Ultimate Blog Challenge, Terri. πŸ™‚


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