Baby Bow-Ties: Above Time Launches Children’s Line

Toddlers model bows and ties from Stripling Line

Last year I began blogging about a San Diego-based company called Above Time. Founder Carey Reddick II wanted to rock bow-ties that were both fashionable and hand-made of organic, luxe and vintage materials.

“Above Time is about living in the moment and not letting time get the best of you. The company was founded in February 2015 by brothers, Carey A. Reddick II and Christian D. Reddick. They began by designing and producing hand-made bow-ties.”

Above-Time LogoThe line emphasized men’s bow-ties, then quickly added fashion ties for women. The company launched in August 2015 with a fashion show.

There is something about a man in a bow-tie. Within the last two years, bow-ties have become a fashion statement, especially for the younger crowd.

Once the company went live online, an unlikely set of consumers…moms… wanted to see a line of bow-ties for kids and toddlers.

At a recent photo shoot, while the toddlers were being prepped, one young mother approached and commented “I’ve never seen bow-ties for children in such vivid colors. Where can I buy these?”above time bow ties for girls

Another mom appreciated how the girl’s hair bow was an easy accessory to attach to her African-American daughter’s hair.
“When we started designing bow-ties for men, we had no idea that the requests for children’s bow-ties would be this big,” relates Carey Reddick, II. “We are thrilled to offer the Stripling Line.”

The Stripling Line boasts fun patterns and colors rarely found in children’s accessories. The ties and hair bow materials are made of organic cotton and are all hand-washable, since kids will be kids.

With the season for celebrations in full swing, dressing yourself and your family in fun, affordable, yet elegant bow-ties will garner attention at holiday brunches, graduation ceremonies, weddings and other special events.

Other ideas in development include matching bow-ties and socks, as well as a line of bow-ties for dogs. You can also build your own bow-tie with custom design.

Above Time is not just another fashion accessory line. Reddick emphasizes that Above Time’s San Diego roots are important because everything about the company is local to San Diego and Southern California living.

“We want to support the local San Diego community by providing jobs and opportunities within all aspects of Above Time, including the PR and production teams, brand ambassadors and models, seamstresses, and other supporting staff.”

Above Time continues to donate proceeds from sales to Interactions for Peace, a non-profit organization based in San Diego that educates students and their families to create awareness about the behaviors of bullying.

How appropriate the new Stripling line allows for a child to wear an accessory that supports the mission of this organization.

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This is a review of Above Time bow-ties and products. I am being compensated to write this review, but I wholeheartedly endorse and support these products. My opinions would be the same.

21 thoughts on “Baby Bow-Ties: Above Time Launches Children’s Line

  1. What a great cause to be supporting and I absolutely love the bows. Thanks for sharing this with me today—-and for stopping by It’s Just Life!


  2. What is not to love about this?!?! I have been following along with you here as this organization has developed. I love what they are doing and this is such a step in the right direction. Great way to raise awareness and make children look adorable at the same time. Love it.


  3. I’m a huge fan of bowties – especially since Dr. Who brought them back into style. Well…if you’re a geek like me anyway. Got one for my son for Christmas. They’re so much fun!!


  4. The bow-ties certainly are cute and neat. I always dressed my son well. He looked sharp in his bow-tie, but I’m not sure he noticed. I like the spotlight you placed on this company, especially since they give back to the community. Apparently, their line means more to them than just making another dollar. Community organizations need our support. Bullying is a subject that demands a lot more attention.


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