Thursday Doors: Earthen Tunnel Opens Onto Grandeur


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” -Rachel Carson

What is better than a view of Yosemite Valley? Not much really, unless you drive through the nearly mile-long Wawona Tunnel carved out of solid granite…which bursts open to this view of the Valley.

Tunnel opens onto Yosemite Valley

I thought this photo made a lovely entry into Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door challenge. Is a tunnel opening a door? Sure, the doorway to the Valley!
This is the breathtaking view of  Inspiration Point, a popularly photographed view of the Valley.

contemplate the beauty of earth in Yosemite

These were also included in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth. Please feel free to join these photo challenges at any time.


29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Earthen Tunnel Opens Onto Grandeur

  1. Hi Terri, what a lovely photo. It is nice you have the opportunity to leisurely see the world and provide your perspective. By this way, we’re afforded the opportunity to expand our worldview. Thanks for visiting my blog today and following. I am now following you and your leisure perspectives.


  2. I especially like the first shot. Perfect combination for both challenges. I love the way that tunnel opens up to such grandeur after being in the dark for so long. Have never been to Yosemite but your photos make me want to visit


  3. I love your creative perspective on this Doors Thursday, Terri! The tunnel is definitely a door of sorts, I say–the picture is fantastic, too. Also, I see you’ve switched up your blog’s title…hmmm hoooww curious. I will have to meander around here for a bit to see if there are any other changes in place. 🙂


      1. I think the self-hosted part explains why I haven’t seen your posts in my reader for so long–and why I therefore haven’t been visiting it. Congratulations on being self-hosted, though! That’s a huge, exciting step in the world of blogging!


  4. Yeah anything Yosemite will work for me 😀
    I can feel myself back there humbly soaking in that spectacular view – thanks for bringing back fond memories.
    If you haven’t already, don’t forget to swing by and add this post to the link-up list


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