Seasonal Abstractions

Windsurfing season is here! With that comes setting up our camp and placing the trailer and sail shed just so in our small campsite.

Once the trailer is set up and leveled, then we set up the canvas shed (Costco carport) that holds our sails, boards and endless gear. Here is an abstract view of the sails as they hang from their hooks.

Hanging Abstract Windsurf Sails

We also need shade for lounging around on light wind days. My hubby thought this year’s shade canopy would be a camouflage style. It leaves a very abstract impression, doesn’t it?

Shade Canopy Shapes

These photos are submitted for two photo challenges. Abstract is the theme for the weekly photo challenge hosted by WordPress. Season is the theme for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge. If you enjoy photography, consider joining these popular photo challenges to get more exposure to your blog!


14 thoughts on “Seasonal Abstractions

  1. You wacky Californians and all your cool hobbies! I’m not jealous or anything as I’m looking at 8,000,000 blooming maple trees and sneezing to the latest love child Mr. Mold and his skank bride Mrs. Preppy Pollen!


      1. I was wandering if just power stumbling the hell out of one person makes a difference because I had a great day that day and the rest of the week hardly anything. They have some wacky alogorithms!


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