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What Is Your Leisure Plan B?

After a long work week (or work day) we often look forward to our hard-earned leisure time. Our active leisure time can be as simple as coming home from work and watching a favorite television show or going to an evening workout. It can range from playing in a softball league or looking forward to taking a weekly guitar lesson.

After a long week, perhaps you have weekend plans for travelling out of town. Most of the time, these precious leisure times are do-able and rarely interrupted.

But what happens when your plans are interrupted, changed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control? How often do we get the time to experience our favorite pastime only to be thwarted by some external barrier?

And then, there is the ever-present potential for distraction.

Recently, all the of the conditions were perfect to enjoy a stand-up paddling session. I had already pulled my paddle-board out and placed the leash on the back. I walked up to the launch at the levee and discovered that the tide had ebbed out so far as to expose the moss-covered sandbags. The moss and debris were a half-inch thick and very slippery (and disgusting to step in barefooted). I didn’t want to take a chance of wrenching my recovering knee injury. At this discovery, I realized I could not have my SUP session.

What was my alternative for a good cardio session? Well, I do have a dog and we took a nice, long walk along the levee. It was wonderfully refreshing and we both got some great fitness time together.

This time, being outdoors, I was lucky that I could find a quick alternative. Oftentimes, there is no second option or a Plan B for our well-earned leisure time. Coming up with an alternative activity without a plan can prove difficult and be truly un-motivating. It is easy to give up and just go sit on the sofa, turn on the TV and eat.

Or fall victim to some other distraction.

What is Your Leisure Plan B?
The above image depicts a Winter afternoon in Mexico, in which I have to admit, I let the warm sun and beautiful scenery distract me from something productive…what was that again? Apparently, cocktail hour started early.

Here, I may have to admit, relaxing in my chair overlooking the bay with my adult beverage, was my Leisure Plan C. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

What is YOUR leisure Plan B? What alternative activity can you do if your first choice gets cancelled? What distracts you from your favorite leisure pastime?

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  1. I love sitting in my empty home reading undisturbed all day. Those days are few and far between unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your Plan B with us at the Over the Moon Link Party.


  2. Funny you should post this, girlfriend. We just heard that our Viking cruise may well be mostly a bus cruise because the Douro is so high that authorities say it might be un-navigable. I am terrified of losing the fitness level I worked so hard to get. Am working on Plan B as we speak.


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