Guest Post: Searching for Balance in Retirement

I am pleased to feature a fellow WordPress blogger Janis H. Her post first appeared on her website Retirementally Challenged. I encourage you to visit her blog!

Take it away, Janis!


Retirement brings leisure in the form of a hammock
Image by JH. Used with permission.

Sometimes it seems like it’s been much less than two years since I was wrapping up my final weeks of employment and looking forward to the day I retire. At other times, it’s as if I’ve been living this leisurely lifestyle for many years and I can hardly remember having full-time work obligations.

I had a lot of plans for my retirement: I wanted to take classes, travel, socialize with friends, complete household projects, and explore my creative side. I also wanted to allow enough leisure time in my non-existent schedule to relax, read books, and daydream.

Mission accomplished… sort of.

Is it possible to have too much leisure? Maybe so.

Since retiring, my husband and I have gone on some amazing trips (and more are planned), I’ve taken advantage of free—and nearly free—educational opportunities, I’ve joined a wonderful book club, we’ve completed multiple house projects (and have more in the works), and I’ve spent time writing and improving my photography skills.

Life is good.

But, just recently, I’ve started to struggle with the feeling that I would like to do more, that I want to have more to show for my time. This doesn’t mean that I desire to go back to full-time work, or even that I want to find part-time employment. What I want is more balance in my life.’

Besides receiving a regular paycheck and subsidized healthcare insurance, going to work every day provided a lot of intangible benefits. Daily interactions with colleagues wove a social network that helped to make work a pleasurable experience. Because I worked for a large company, my network web included people from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse interests and skills.

I miss that.

I also miss the feeling of working together towards a common goal. We took on projects and supported each other as we met our objectives. In addition, work gave me opportunities to challenge myself and to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when I successfully expanded my comfort zone.

I’m not sure where this sense that something is missing will lead me. Exploring volunteer opportunities might be a good start. Perhaps I need to get involved with a cause that I believe in. Maybe some type of part-time employment will supply the diverse community I miss. Perhaps it’s a combination of all three possibilities, or maybe something else.

I fully realize how lucky I am that I actually have a choice about how I spend my time. If I make no changes at all, I have a pretty good life. But if I can find something that allows me to make a positive contribution, I think my retirement could be more purposeful and satisfying. It also might help me re-discover some or all of those missing elements: enjoying an expanded and more diverse social network, being inspired by a vision shared with others, and embracing the opportunity to help others and to challenge myself.

The key will be to find something that also allows me to travel when I want and to enjoy the retirement I envisioned when I said good-bye to full-time employment.


Thank you, Janis, for also gracing my Windigen Consulting website and with your wise words about searching for and finding balance in retirement.

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Searching for Balance in Retirement

  1. I can relate to this in many ways- I have been trying to figure out what balance looks like now and how much and what kind of work or volunteering I want to do. It is a good problem to have.

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  2. I think we are continuously called to something more. We’re still alive, so we’re still evolving. I’m working hard to set up an online business (which sometimes seems to go so slowly).I’m motivated to keep going, because I feel I’ll impact the greater good. But already in the back of my mind, I’m planning my next thing.

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  3. The pieces that have worked for me have been – having structure in my days, following my passion, giving back, being in community with peeps who share my outlook and values.
    You are already on your way by asking yourself the right questions 🙂

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