Life. Time.

Time is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Depict TIME in a photograph.

One of my jobs as a university educator is to teach students about the wise use of leisure time and to help them form a definition of leisure they can use over the course of their life time. They had to describe their career, their lifestyle and their leisure over three future time frames. This photo shows an example of a student’s display. She apparently listened to me in class!

Life. Time. Students display the future years of their lives.

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?
John Wooden

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    1. … hadn’t read all of the comments above when I commented… I see that 45 is not an age, but a number of years into the future. That’s probably more realistic 🙂 When thinking of myself, I don’t know that I will ever “retire.” I’m hoping for a balance between work and leisure that shifts gently with age.

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  1. That display is great. It reminds me of a collage that I made once in a class where we were supposed to manifest our desired future by creating a collage of it. I am ‘living that collage’ today. Your student’s collage tells me she has a long, healthy, adventurous life ahead of her.

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