On Such a Winter’s Day

Winter storms seem to be everywhere in the US this weekend. If we were having coffee, I would get you a steaming mug of coffee or tea and tell you about my week. But since I have to keep it short today, I am going to just show you a photo of my California winter.

California palm trees weather the winter storm.

I have always loved the song “California Dreamin'” by the Mamas & the Papas. As the lyrics suggest, what few leaves are left are brown, and the sky is gray.

The predictions for El Nino were certainly right on. California is getting much needed rain and snow in the entire state. I say, bring it on! To get out of the drought, we may need 365 more days of this weather.

I hope you are appreciating the weather where you are. For those experiencing extreme weather conditions, please stay safe.

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26 thoughts on “On Such a Winter’s Day

  1. sizzlesue15

    Hi Terri, I always think of summer when I think of California especially the palm trees. I suppose there is more to California than L.A. In fact, there is an advert on TV atm advertising travel to discover California and it looks beautiful, the wineries, beaches look great. Thanks for sharing your coffee time with us at #overthemoon.

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  2. It’s a great song and it looks like you’re having a nice winter compared to some I’ve seen on the news. Summer here in Australia although while I’m riding the tram to work, you would think it was the beginning of winter with everyone in their dark, warm clothes. 21 and rainy and dreary but I don’t mind it like this.

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  3. Rev Crouse

    Seeing the weather news this morning on the blizzard makes me feel almost a little guilty about our beautiful, although chilly, day in north Texas. Not quite, but ALMOST. 😉

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  4. Pretty photo Terri. It doesn’t look much like winter but it probably does for California. I’m glad you all are getting that much needed moisture! It has snowed more here in the SW in the last two months than many years past, but it hasn’t snowed with lots of snow. I’m definitely ready for spring! LOL!

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  5. We’re just over the hill in Reno and are enjoying a few days of sunshine after what seems like non-stop storms since early November. El Nino has made the last few months feel a bit long. The snow on our back deck finally melted last week. As much as I appreciate the moisture, I’d prefer that it snow up at Tahoe and rain here, Just sayin’..

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