Christmas Trees, Toppers and Breaks

Today marks my last blog post of the year as I share my Christmas tree for two blog events.

My small living room does not support much of a tree these days. Once my hubby and I started spending week-long Christmas vacations in San Diego, putting up a tree seemed slightly pointless. To have it sit all alone on Christmas would be heartbreaking! I have plenty of other decorations around the house to celebrate the season.

I have a collection of wooden pine trees that I keep on my fireplace mantel. So instead of putting up a tree, I just decorate my large wooden tree with lights. It is almost 4 feet tall and sits on the fireplace all year long. This tree now “lives” in Sacramento, and was purchased in Lake Tahoe.

Wooden Christmas Tree

This is submitted for Silver Threadings’ challenge, Trees Around the World.

In another example, I have some wooden Christmas trees that I place on the mantel. I am submitting this for Hugh’s News and Views Christmas Tree Topper Photo challenge.

Wooden Trees and Angels

The stars on the wooden tree will have to serve as the toppers in this case.

For every post, Hugh will generously donate to The Dogs Trust charity.

Holiday Blog BreakAs many bloggers traditionally take a short holiday break this time of year, so shall I. Mine will be extended a bit as we travel South to San Diego for a family Christmas, then off to Mexico (Baja Sur near La Paz) for two weeks of windsurfing, fun and sun!


I plan to spend tons of leisure time on the beach and on the water. Since my blog is all about leisure, I probably should experience some for myself!

Where we stay in La Ventana, wi-fi is available, although a little spotty. So not only will I not be posting regularly, I may not be reading and commenting on other posts!

I may still participate in the weekly photo challenges if the mood strikes. Watch for some Baja pics on Facebook and Instagram. Once I get back I will share some leisurely fun and sun with you.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

43 thoughts on “Christmas Trees, Toppers and Breaks

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  2. Have a wonderful break Terri. Look forward to seeing snippets from your holiday fun on Instagram and perhaps be surprised here with an occasional appearance during the weekly photo challenge. I have very much enjoyed our time spent together in the blogosphere and look forward to sharing adventures together in 2016……and I still haven’t forgotten your SUP challenge. I may not make the deadline with the Santa’s Cap, but it is definitely on my ‘life time’ agenda

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  3. liferedesign101

    Merry Christmas from Wisconsin Terri. I hope you have a wonderful, long, sun and wind filled vacation. You deserve to take a break, and I am sure you will find all kinds of inspiration for future posts!

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  5. Merry Christmas Terri! You enjoy that leisure time in San Diego! Thanks so much for sharing your glorious tree and decorations. I love them. Your wooden tree reminds me of my tree made from Florida driftwood. Have a wonderful holiday. See you when you come back. ❤

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  6. Thank you so much for participating in my Christmas Tree Topper challenge in aid of The Dogs Trust charity, Terri. I have to say that both the trees you have are very festive and I am delighted that you have taken photos of them and entered them into the challenges Colleen and I have set.

    Seasons Greetings to you and your family this Christmas time. Have a wonder holiday and a great time on your vacation in Mexico.

    Merry Christmas,
    Hugh 🎅

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  7. We don’t usually have a tree either… our living room just doesn’t have a good place for one. I have to say, it makes things easier… not so much to put up or take down.

    Enjoy your time off! Bring an umbrella to San Diego. We are going to La Paz in a few months. I haven’t been there before and am looking forward to seeing – and photographing – the sights.

    Merry Christmas!

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