Stingers Up for Thursday Doors

As a “part-time professor” I get to enjoy the fresh air walking around campus at Sacramento State University. Now that I have discovered Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors feature, I actually look for doors to photograph!

Stingers Doors. Sacramento State University doors to gym. Hornets are the teams' mascot.

As I walked around campus during my last week of the Fall semester, I saw these doors that are near and dear to my heart! These are the doors that lead into the magic kingdom of intercollegiate sports, also known as the hornets’ nest.

The university’s mascot is the hornets. “Stingers up” is the slogan for the sports teams. Sac State’s gym is alive with women’s volleyball, basketball and gymnastics, while the men enjoy basketball.

Big Sky ConferenceSacramento State is a member of the Big Sky Conference and plays in NCAA Division 1. The university’s award-winning sports program includes several division titles, but its biggest claim to fame was an 11-year conference championship run for the women’s volleyball team from 1997-2005 under the coaching of Hornet Alum Debby Colberg. Colberg brought two National championship titles for the volleyball team in 1980 and 1981.

The mens’ and women’s tennis teams also earned 23 Big Sky Conference championships between them, over the years.

Intercollegiate sports are a wonderful experience for university students. Support your neighborhood university or your own as an alumni!



14 thoughts on “Stingers Up for Thursday Doors

  1. My alma mater. Graduated in 1987 and have rarely been back, other than bicycling through campus every now and then and taking my kids to soccer camps. Pretty amazing how the campus has changed over the last 28 years.

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    1. Wow! that’s amazing, a fellow alumnus! I started attending as an undergrad in 1980, graduated, then went back for MS in 2007. Been there ever since as a lecturer, and yes, this campus has grown. More expansions on the way.


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