Weekend Coffee Share in Which I Announce a Writing Project


Do you like my Christmas mug?

If we were having coffee, I would have to provide you with a to-go cup of your favorite hot beverage. As we fly out the door to head for church, I am kissing both my daughters good-bye as they travel back to their respective homes.

Today our church celebrates the first Sunday of Advent. Our choir sings a song of hope (I have the alto solo this time!). With choir commitments, we must be at church much earlier over the next few weeks. I love advent season because it heralds in the holidays and all of the joy, Christmas music, lights, general busy-ness,  and, oh yes, the celebration of the birth of our Lord.

If we were having coffee, this is where I would tell you that I am going to be blogging a little less frequently over the next few weeks due to the upcoming holidays, travel, and school responsibilities (grading papers, finals, prepping a new class for spring semester). My posting days will continue to be at minimum two days a week, with Thursdays for my leisure feature or Thursday Doors; Friday’s weekly photo challenge, and Sunday’ weekend coffee share.

Kindle paperwhiteI am sharing this news with you because I have a book inside me, begging to be written. I am currently exploring the Kindle self-publishing avenue. My first project is a short, non-fiction booklet on leisure education, which may lead to a series of guidebooks. I really need to read, write and research, and focus on getting this done. I have already  been in touch with a few bloggers who are in the process of writing and publishing their own books, like Janet Sunderland and Postcards from Kerry.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you, “Isn’t this why we write? to perhaps publish a book?”

Why do you write? Think about this while enjoying your coffee or tea today.  Join us over at Part-Time Monster’s blog for our weekly coffee chats–we would all love to have you!

33 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share in Which I Announce a Writing Project

  1. milesforacure2013

    I am sitting here with my coffee while reading your blog. I have written two books. One is published as an ebook on kindle and the other I am not sure which route to go yet. I write as I feel God leads me and I hope that the words written will inspire and encourage others. Writing also changes you so I encourage you to write your book and see where it leads.


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  2. Dale

    Best of luck to you in writing your book! I, too, have one on the go. Was supposed to get ahead during NaNoWriMo but that was a bust. Started a part-time job which is screwing up all my plans! I can’t seem to get a handle on my schedule. Oh well…eventually!

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  3. Wendy

    A book — how exciting! 🙂 Thank you for entering this post in #ThePinterestGame! Good luck and we hope to see you back next week! ~~ Wendy, co-host

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  4. LifestyleswithLia

    Hi Terri!
    First of all I love your mug! I can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner I’m so excited. I can imagine at this is a busy time for you but also a very exciting one because of the book that you publish. I think it sounds like a great idea and I look forward to reading it! Self-publishing is an avenue that is very interesting! And the topic too! The more leisure I can get in my life is welcome !!!
    About your question on why we write, I do agree that I write to be read as well as to express myself and hey one day, I would love to publish a book!
    Sending you all my very best take care and lots of love vi sending you all my very best take care and lots of love ,

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      1. LifestyleswithLia

        I’ll always support you:)) Happy to hear about your holiday plans… We have visitors coming to stay with us in NYC so it’ll be nice to tour around with them.. Though warm Mexico temps and water sound great!! Enjoy:)

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  5. Good luck with the book project, Terri. I am also embroiled in a book project, which was sabotaged yet again but this time in the way of a severe, freakish hail storm. This time of year in Australia is really busy in the lead up to Christmas as January is when we tend to take holidays and Australia sleeps for a month. That is unless you’re in the holiday industry somewhere. We live near the beach and so things do get a little crazy here and locals lament the blow-ins or blowflies as they’re known. While the tourists might benefit local business, locals are used to peace, quiet and having the place to ourselves.
    Have you read Steven King’s book “On Writing”? I’ve reading and processing it now and am finding it very helpful and encouraging even though I haven’t read his novels and am writing non-fiction.
    Thanks for coffee!
    xx Rowena

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    1. Thanks, Rowena! We’ll have to keep in touch. I have a few weeks off after this semester concludes. I will be sitting on the beach in Mexico for two weeks in January, so I hope to be doing some writing. Still have to prepare for the spring semester, as I am teaching a new course.

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      1. Hi Rowena, as I was in process of replying to your question, I deleted the whole comment! oops! I teach at a university in California in Recreation, Parks and Tourism. I was a practitioner in the field for 35 years. This new class will be for new students coming in to the RPTA major. Looking forward to it! I hope the margaritas don’t addle my brain too much as I am creating the course schedule, LOL!


  6. Tena Carr

    Best of luck with your newest writing project…. Got time for a break and a slice of pumpkin pie and hot tea later?? Hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Weekend.

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  7. phoenixgrey85

    That sounds really exciting. 🙂 I wish you luck with the project. I do write to publish, eventually. But I also write for me, because I have stories that need writing. I suppose non-fiction is different though. It’s more about sharing information, and that needs publication.

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  8. Although I’ve never had the desire to write a book, I really admire those that do. I’ve heard other writers say that the second most important ingredient to writing a successful book, after having a great concept, is to have a great editor. With your continued ties to academia, you probably have some good sources.

    Enjoy the holidays! Let me know if you have any free time while in SD.

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  9. Most excellent news that you are to begin a book project. I cheer you onward.

    This is my first round of holidays having a website, but it seems to me that many will be posting less frequently with holiday celebrations and commitments to attend. All fodder for future posts.

    Sing your heart out my dear. Advent is such a special time of the year.


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