Weekend Coffee Share In Which I Give Thanks

Reflections on Thanksgiving

The US celebrates Thanksgiving this Thursday. If we were having coffee today, I would tell you with excitement about several events happening this week that will keep me busy, and why I am thankful for each one.

If you like tea, I can rummage for some. But I found some fun, holiday coffees at Trader Joe’s. The coffee flavors involve pumpkin spice, cocoa and a winter blend that features cinnamon and cloves. Please place your order and let’s check them out!

If we were having coffee today I would tell you I am not teaching school this week. When I made the class schedule in early August, I planned to be vacationing in Portland, Oregon during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the plans fell through. Oh darn, my students are so upset. Not. I’m still grading papers, though.

For this job as a lecturer, I am thankful for the continuing opportunity to have this job and to be able to teach 35 years of recreation and leisure to university students.

On Tuesday, I am having a lunch and shopping date with a good friend, whom I have known for 35 years. We played softball back in the day together and our children are even the same ages. She is semi-retired too.

I am grateful and more than blessed for this long-lasting friendship as well as my few really close friends who live in other cities.

On Wednesday the fun begins! Our family is gathering all week to spend Thanksgiving at my dad’s place up in the mountains. My daughter arrives from the San Francisco bay area Wednesday morning, and my brother and his partner, driving from Palm Springs, arrive shortly after that. I cannot wait to see them and to show them our room addition. My other brother and his brood are driving up from San Diego today to spend the week at my dad’s place. On Wednesday afternoon we are prepping and cooking for the big event!

I am so grateful for my family and thank God for them every day.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that, on Wednesday night, our church holds its annual Thanksgiving Eve service. I always love this event, because the many extended families visiting makes it feel festive. It is not often we attend church at night with all the decorations and twinkling lights.

Our Pastor has been with our church now for 18 years. We have watched his children grow into talented adults who are involved in youth and music ministry in the church. His talented wife leads the worship team. Choir practice for the first Sunday of Advent will be right after the service. I have been at that same church since 1986 and I even have one of the original doors (see this post if you missed it).

I don’t know if I have the proper words to describe my thankfulness and gratitude for our pastor and my church family.

Thursday is the big day! There is something about Thanksgiving that I dearly love, no expectations but eating and being with our friends and loved ones. We may be getting some snow in the Sierra foothills where my father lives, so that should make things interesting for us Californians as we drive up to spend the day with them.

Here is where I give thanks for my blessings and for protecting my family during their travels.
But I also give my heartfelt “thank you” to those who serve or have served in the armed forces and can’t be with their families this year.

Friday and Saturday hold no particular plans other than hanging out with family and perhaps taking a dip in our friend’s hot tub. I don’t shop on Black Friday, although there have been some great deals at Costco on what I call “Savvy Saturday,” the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Overall, 2015 has been a huge year of change for me. I retired in December 2014, then did not teach at all until September of this year due to my pension’s policies.

I am so RIDICULOUSLY THANKFUL for my wonderful husband who, without him, I could not have retired, nor get the room addition of my dreams.
Oh, lest I forget…did I mention that I am thankful to all my blogger friends and readers who make my day with your inspiring posts and photographs? God Bless you all!

Please enjoy the gallery of autumn leaves below. Now you know why Sacramento is called “The City of Trees.”

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my next blog post after Monday’s One Word Photo Challenge wrap-up post, will be Friday for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Until then, enjoy your week and Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year?



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37 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share In Which I Give Thanks

  1. I guess It’s never late to comment on a Thanksgiving post, isn’t it? Your happiness, accomplishments and above all, gratitude, shines through all the way! It’s a beautiful, heartwarming and touching post.
    I wish you continued happiness and that you remain being this authentic, generous, clever, lovely human being that captivates us all.
    Love from Amsterdam.

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  2. I loved your post and the fantastic tree shots. I am grateful for having taking my blogging seriously, publishing my first book and as a result having an occasional part-time job as a magazine writer. Blogging has opened a new world for me and been therapeutic for my chronic anxiety. I am grateful for meeting people like you. Thank you.

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  3. ddr_74

    What an awesome post! Being Canadian, I had my Thanksgiving last month, so I’m presently surrounded by Christmas, already LOL! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Terri… all the best to you and your family!

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  4. Your week sounds wonderful! Peace and joy to you and your family. I am thankful for family and friends, for the kind and caring adults my children have grown into and the chance to do the things and be with the ones I enjoy most!

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  5. Hello Terri this is my first visit here, can I just have a black coffee please. I won’t stay long as I can see you are busy! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful blog with us all. It has made me count my blessing. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving enjoy your family and your food!! xxxxx

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  6. See, now on the East Coast we all think California’s just a big desert with no trees and look! You have beautiful trees! Beautifully photographed, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m grateful for many things. I wrote a silly post just Thursday about it, and more serious thanks in my newsletter (linked there).

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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  7. That was a wonderful, upbeat postTerri, It sounds as though you are going to have a lovely, family Thanksgiving which although we don;t have it over here in the UK, I would imagine it is all about; family, togetherness, being thankful and of course, giving thanks too.
    I wish you all the best for a wonderful week,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  8. Judith Stavisky

    I am thankful that we can celebrate with my 94 year old mom & a collection of friends from my hometown. Some guests have parents who have passed away, others are seniors without living family or are unable to travel. We relish the conversations, lots of laughs sharing others’ Thanksgiving memories. I try to make a different dish every year – new favorite: brussel sprouts steamed in OJ and mixed with a little blue cheese, wild rice stuffing, sweet potatoes baked in tiny pumpkins. We typically celebrate another Thanksgiving with a group of friends later in the year. Then we can make the turkey brined in apple cider and chorizo stuffing!

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    1. Hi Judith, your menu sounds amazing, especially those Brussels sprouts! That’s what I love about Thanksgiving, the chance to just BE with people. You are lucky to have your mom with you, how wonderful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  9. What kind of tree sprouts those gorgeous red leaves? It’s beautiful! I can say that I’m simply thankful for life because it gives me the opportunity to experience all it has to offer. Happy Thanksgiving Terri!

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