Shut the Front Door: Thursday Doors

“Shut the front door!”

Have you ever heard anyone exclaim with that expression? I know of several people who use it (ad nauseum).

Shut the front door! Submitting my own front door for Thursday Doors challenge.

I hope I haven’t inadvertently offended any readers with this expression. I don’t say it because the several people I know who use that expression really overuse it. This expression replaces “shut the eff up” in case you didn’t know.

For the weekly photo challenge, Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm 2.0, I chose my own front door. But only because I am new to this challenge and no one said I couldn’t use my own door.

As I was coming home, I saw the pretty autumn sunlight shining on the door, and of course, took a picture! And I have my little harvest signs out to celebrate autumn, Thanksgiving and harvest, so it seemed to fit the season.

What do you think of this door? When my church renovated over 25 years ago, they were tossing the two front doors to replace with glass doors. We decided to take one of the doors and make it our front door. The door we had when we moved into this house wasn’t even a legit exterior door.

I think it makes a nice front door, and I shut it often.



48 thoughts on “Shut the Front Door: Thursday Doors

  1. Lol Thanks for educational bit as I didn’t know the meaning of this expression. I may have been literally closing a door when someone told me that….I think I’ll continue doing the same just for fun. LOL
    But now seriously, you have acquired a beautiful door! Great choice.

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  2. Wendy

    I absolutely love your front door! And the story behind it! The lighting really is beautiful – I see why you took the picture! 🙂 Thanks so much for entering this in #ThePinterestGame this week! ~~Wendy, co-host #ThePinterestGame

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  4. There was a comedian here in the UK whose catchline was “Shut that door!” Always made me laugh so much even though he said it often. I think it was the look he gave and the way he said it that also made it so funny.

    It’s a great door Terri and a great story behind it as well. I love the Harvest Time sign. We don’t see anything like that here in the UK until Christmas time when people hang Holly Wreaths on their doors.

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    1. Thanks so much, Hugh! I love autumn here. I was born and raised in San Diego and autumn happens for about 10 minutes in mid December. I have my Christmas door stuff, too, I shall have to look for a holly one. I love the look of the holly and berries 🙂

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  5. This is so cool on several levels! First is the photo. It’s a really neat shot. The autumn sunlight across the wood makes for a cool, fall effect. The colors you have added to celebrate autumn and the fall add to it. Then to find out it’s a re-purposed church door is divine!

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  6. It’s not everyone who has a front door with a back story! I had a friend who said “shut the front door” all the time too. The first few times it was funny. After that, it was annoying. Right now our front (and back) door is open, letting in the gorgeous warm breezes. It doesn’t feel very fall-like, but I’ll take it!

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  7. Nice! I’d say it was a good deal for you guys, I’ll take wood over a glass door any day.
    And no offence taken, around here especially in winter ‘shut the front door’ really means: Shut the Front Door!

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  9. I like the way light dapples from wall to door.

    I’d certainly heard the phrase, growing up as I did in a house of six kids. But it always meant exactly shut the door because we always figured someone else was coming after!

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