Dare to Enter: Thursday Doors

I recently discovered a fun, weekly photography event called “Thursday Doors” hosted by Norm 2.0. This is my first post and I am excited to present:

…the art room door at Sacramento State University.

Entrance to Art Building Sacramento State U

The campus has a variety of interesting doors, but many are of the “government-issue” variety, complete with the double glass doors. At least the art students were able to paint one of the doors…after all, it IS the art department! Here we have the grim reaper daring those who wish to enter, to merely push the button, scythe at the ready.

Pretty clever!

Over the weeks I have seen a few posts with this Thursday Doors theme, and realized that I rarely take photos of doors. Many of the photos are simply stunning! So, something new for me and my trusty Samsung Galaxy phone to be on the lookout for…doors!

Come check out Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors! Thanks for the challenge, Norm!

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