The Link to Leisure

Chain Linked. How do you link to leisure?

This is the final wrap-up post to celebrate the last Leisure Link. Today I feature all the bloggers who took the time to link-up for the last time!

And the winner with the most clicks was…

All in a Dad’s Work, with his post “We Hit the Trails.” Eric is a great dad who gives his boys Crash and Bang wonderful leisure experiences and tells about them in hilarious ways. Please check out his blog.

The-Leisure-LinkThe rest of the Leisure Linkers wrote about Halloween-themed hi-jinks, including recipes, fashion, costumes and leisurely experiences. Please take a moment and visit their blogs.

Thank you to all who supported and participated in The Leisure Link over the past few months!

Elephants on the Brain | The View from the Porch 

The Horror Movie In Your Head; Life Redesign 101

Hodgepodge; Grammie Time

The Joy of Outside | Fill Your Own Glass

Questions All Bloggers Need To Ask: The Bottom Line; Marilyns Treats

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones – Marilyns Treats

8 Things To Do Instead Of Eating; The Fab Journey

Bomber Jacket for Casual; Jodie’s Touch of Style

Sugar Skulls and the Day of the Dead – Carol Cassara

Warriors, Wild Goose and an Electrical Fire; Stephgost

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 3 “What Lurks In The Shadows?” | Hugh’s Views & News

It’s the Great Turnip, Charlie Brown and Other Samhain Traditions | Memoirs of a 21st Century Time

Halloween, Costumes and a Bloody Sock | Steph’s: travel, climbing and the tefl life

Getting’ Our Halloween On | The View from the Porch

Have a Ghoulish Halloween! | Smores & Sundresses

How do you link to your leisure?
Do you let barriers and constraints get in the way of your much needed downtime? Many times we get our hearts set on participating in an activity, only to have our hopes dashed because of lack of money, time, or another barrier. Sometimes the weather affects our leisure plans for being outdoors. Sometimes a day was planned to sit and relax by watching a favorite movie or just reading a book, then the phone rings, or unexpected guests arrive, or you see dust on the TV stand. sigh

Don’t you hate that? Don’t let anyone steal your leisure time! Guard it jealously.

stumbleUponSpeaking of links, have you heard of the website StumbleUpon?

It is a content discovery tool tailored to your personal interests. I am still learning about it. I have added a StumbleUpon button at the bottom of my blog posts, so if you utilize StumbleUpon and have an account, please stumble my post. I have been stumbling other bloggers to my list “Blogs I Like.”

Janet Wald of Mostly Blogging, shared this post, “How to Dramatically Increase your Blog Traffic,” focusing on using Stumble Upon and Reddit. These sites can also be used for content curation and StumbleUpon is rather fun.

UPDATE** If you want further information on adding a StumbleUpon button to your WordPress blog, check out Sue Coletta’s post: The Power of StumbleUpon: How to Add Sharing Button to WordPress dot com.

For more information, check out my Pinterest Board Blog and Biz Resources for pinned articles about StumbleUpon.

Happy Diaries LinkyLinking to The Anxious Dragon Link-Up.

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  2. So you’re ending your linking party too, Terri. It’s my last Tip Tuesday as well, at least for now.
    I need the time for other projects, including visiting more people like you.
    I love stumbleupon. I need to follow you there. When you follow someone, it’s easier to “stumble” their posts. The more you stumble others, the more chances you have to get stumbled.
    Thank you for stopping by Tip Tuesday!

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  4. Leisure begins at the sidewalk outside my front door! But it’s an unpredictable thing. As Bilbo said:“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

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  5. Hi Terri,
    I think I had read you were thinking of stopping your Linky Party due to lack of time. Is that what happened? Thank you so very much for linking to me and the mention. I hope all your readers come to our StumbleUpon group. We have many over there stumbling each other’s links.
    I’m sorry the linky didn’t work out for you. I shared your post on Twitter.

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