Tender Loving Care

Careful is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Most endeavors in life require a little tender loving care. Of course, from my perspective, leisure is the catalyst for careful.

Whether you carefully stack rocks for Halloween decor…

Rocks Carefully Stacked
Original image by S. H. Clark. Used with permission.Edited by me for publication

…to taking extra care in pouring that wonderful Chilean wine…oops, there’s a drip!

Careful with the Wine

… or, to stepping and crossing carefully in a leisure challenge, where the goal can be making it across, or… just falling in, laughing! 

Cross Carefully

12 thoughts on “Tender Loving Care

  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Great tender loving care pics, Terri! And especially in the midst of moving a million boxes, that Chilean wine looks pretty good right about now! Have a super weekend my friend :)!

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      1. LifestyleswithLia

        Oh congrats ! So glad the work is done :)) enjoy your new room!
        I’m continuing the process of moving to my new place next week! Have a super weekend:)))!!

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  2. I would definitely want to take care if I participated in that last activity. It does look like they are enjoying themselves in spite of the potential ‘danger’. I have a terrible fear of falling, but I guess the worst that could happen here is a comfortable dunk in the drink. It does look like fun

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