5 Key Items I Need in My Planner: Choices Notebook Review

Choices Notebook_MainWhat motivates you to stay organized? What do you use as a planner? Do you prefer an i-phone for all your calendar events and messages, or a paper planner where you write everything down? Perhaps you don’t use anything and are sorely in need of some organization.

I am honored to help out a fellow blogger by writing a review of the Choices Notebook. It launched on Kick starter on October 14th. Kimberly Montgomery, entrepreneur and blogger at Fifty Jewels carefully researched other planners and notebooks and came up with a system that appeals to everyone!

I really hate typing with my giant thumbs on a mobile device. I prefer to write with a pen as I write much faster than even typing on a good keyboard. As Montgomery explains, “Experience proves that there is no substitute for the physical process of sitting down, planning, setting your goals, and taking notes with pen and paper.”

“The Choices Notebook is a step back to simplicity—something that serves a single purpose: keeping you motivated, organized, and clear on the life you want to create.”

5 Key items I need in my planner:

  1. Week at a glance with room to write
  2. Month view
  3. Note pages
  4. Bookmarker
  5. Size 5 x 8 ½ to fit in my bag

For my every day planning, I need a week-at-glance page to see my whole week spread out in detail. Here I schedule my appointments.choices notebook page The Choices Notebook weekly planner page also holds items like “spotlight tasks,” “Happiness” and other boxed areas for notes. Another unique feature on the calendar pages is a series of key words like “gratitude,” exercise, meditate –action words that motivate the user to not just plan the day, week or month, but to carefully consider the journey toward his or her goals.

Monthly views are also important to see what is coming up. I don’t mind writing in my own numbered dates. Being able to see the next two years in a calendar format is also helpful!

As a writer, blogger, and educator, I need note pages to jot down all my ideas. My current planner has very little room for notes, so I end up jotting stuff all over the pages. I end up grabbing another small notebook for additional notes. How many separate notebooks can one juggle?

The Choices Notebook has ample space for recording notes. I would use some post-it tabs to mark important notes on separate pages. The note pages have areas for reflection, goal setting, and a section for “What Feels Good” and “What Doesn’t.” These reflection areas can be very valuable for capturing immediate feelings. For my blogging ideas, I can quickly jot down notes and know where to find them when I need them.

Many planners have a bookmark, whether it is in the form of a ribbon or an insert-able tab. The Choices Notebook has a ribbon marker. I like to quickly flip to the pages I need without thumbing through. Check!

Size matters in a planner. I want something big enough to write in but small enough to throw into my bag.

“The Choices Notebook is an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ planner-style goal setting tool designed to go with you anywhere. High quality construction holds the notebook together, guaranteeing that it will stand up to daily use. Design includes a ribbon marker, elastic band, back pocket and 192 pages of luxurious high quality paper all bound in a gorgeous faux leather cover.”

Choices Notebook Cover and features


When I saw that Kimberly was launching her Choices Notebook, I was happy to jump on the launch team and “beta-test” it.

For more information on how planners and calendars can work for you, see my earlier post What is on Your Editorial Calendar for ideas.

Are you still searching for the perfect planner? If you are a blogger, a business owner, a college student or a retired person, the Choices Notebook has something for each of you! Please visit this link on Kickstarter to check out the Choices Notebook.

Decide for yourself.

Images from Choices Notebook used with permission.


17 thoughts on “5 Key Items I Need in My Planner: Choices Notebook Review

  1. It is a great planner, but I have learned to love my phone for planning. I can make lists and plan projects. I can set alarms for everything from when to get up to, take medicine, and when to leave for an appointment. I can write notes with my finger, and even doodle. I am not really an organized person, but other people seem to think so. I just do what I have to do to keep my life on track.

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  2. I have recently switched to paper planning and have joined the massive online planner community. It’s fun and I think despite technology it’s easier to be organized with paper. I think the physical act of writing something down helps you to remember it. A good review Terri, seems like a good planner!

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  3. I also use a paper planner… really just a booklet calendar. I have finally trained my husband to write his appointments and events he needs to remember in it too. That way we have just one place to look to help us stay organized. I can also look back through past years if I need to remember something we did in the past (when we re-surfaced the deck or had our house tented, for instance). I tried to keep my calendar on my phone but it just didn’t work for me/us at all. The Choices Notebook looks nice.

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  4. I’ve grown away from using planners but find now that I’m blogging, co-hosting and doing social media management for two clients I really need one. I like the Choices Notebook and it has all I need. Thanks Terri for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes.

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  5. I keep going back and forth between electronic and paper planners. I tend to do best with an electronic calendar for appointments, and a paper planner for projects and to-do lists. Thanks for entering the pin for this post in The Pinterest Game. Good luck, and we hope to see you again next week!
    ~~Wendy, #ThePinterestGame co-host

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