Monthly Photo Challenge: Green is the New Orange

I am participating in Cardinal Guzman’s year-long monthly photo challenge that began in January. Each month bloggers post photos of their neighborhood or an area that will show the changing seasons over one year.

I chose my front yard’s Chinese Maple tree. When I started this challenge in January, the maple tree was bare. (Go to the gallery to check out the changes). I assumed there would be unending and discernible changes as each month went by.

Full October Chinese Maple
October’s view of the Chinese Maple still looks like summer!

Well…you can see above how green and mostly lush the tree is. Some of its leaves started showing the stress from the continuing drought here in California by simply drying up. We have had such warm September and October weather, that most of the trees have no idea how to react. The coldest night we have had has been 58 degrees. Definitely not cold enough to stop the sap from running and start the color-change process.

The grass is even greener compared to the summer photos, even though I can only water 30 minutes a week. The sun may be warm but it is lower in the sky and the nights are longer. Most of the yard is in full shade.

Here are a couple of photos of the tree. A close-up of a beautiful bronze leaf, and the other reflected in the window with a nice orange sunset. This is as close to orange as the tree will get this month.

Almost October Maple
Up close and personal to see changing leaves.
October Maple Reflection
Orange is reflected in the window as the sun sets.

As I drive around my area, most trees are greenish-yellow. They are getting there. I guess green is the new orange for October.

We shall see what November brings. Here is the gallery of photos from the last nine months.

I adore the fall and always gleefully await the gorgeous colors the trees become. Waiting. Come back in mid-November with your fingers crossed for a gorgeous fall tree!

Meanwhile, I will live jealously and vicariously through your gorgeous autumn photos.

Please visit Cardinal Guzman’s blog to see other entries of the monthly photo challenge.

22 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Green is the New Orange

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  2. You have to wonder if the trees will turn this year or if they’ll just drop their leaves. It’s a bit slow here in the UK too, but getting colder so maybe next week we’ll see some more colour.

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  3. My post today is about looking for fall colors. Here in Ohio we have had the same lack of cool, crisp nights. Our color is very late, but I hope it will still show because cooler weather is coming our way.

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  5. LifestyleswithLia

    Great gallery of nature pics, Terri:) It’s interesting how the leaves on your Chinese maple haven’t turned yet… Here too in lower NY state the trees still remain green… We have had a warmer autumn so far too…
    Hope CA will get the rain it needs this winter?
    Happy Monday my friend!:)

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  6. I’m so glad it’s a bit cooler in California, if not any less dry!

    The concept of fall is quite foreign to me since being in Thailand for two weeks. Rainy season is coming to end and it’s been cooler the last couple days because of rain, but still nothing like a proper fall that I’m used to!

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