The Leisure Link Week 9 Round-Up

The-Leisure-LinkAfter a nearly two-month break, The Leisure Link is back and brought together a new group of bloggers, and reunited other Leisure Linkers.

This week’s link-up had 18 links and over 120 views. We had one clear winner….drum roll, please.

thmb560d3288dce6bThe winner with the most clicks was LaNae Lein’s post “And Then I Fell in Love” about her travel experiences in Sun Valley, Idaho. She shares wonderful photos of the Sawtooth Mountains that make you want to go explore for yourself. Please take a moment to visit her blog, Wishing My Life Away.

Thank you to everyone who linked-up their posts on leisure, recreation, travel, special events and activities, and in general, just having fun!

Every participant’s blog post was Tweeted and pinned to my Pinterest board dedicated to The Leisure Link.

Each link-up has a winner, who is featured on my blog and will get this cool “I was Featured” badge.I-was-Featured-On-The-Leisure-Link

Are you ready for Round 10 of The Leisure Link? What fall activities are you planning?

Click here for the link-up page where you can read the rules and add your favorite post related to all things leisure and recreation. Or simply click on the blue frog image to link up! The link-up is open from Thursday, 6:00am through Saturday, 9:00pm (Pacific time).

16 thoughts on “The Leisure Link Week 9 Round-Up

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  2. Hi Terri! Thanks for hosting another leisurely linkup! It’s been a long summer for us here in the desert southwest and now that things are cooling off (in a spectacular way of course) we can all use a little more leisure and/or laughing! That’s why I linked up my laughing buddha post. Thanks again! ~Kathy

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  3. There is no leisure in Mudville, Mighty Casey…or in this case, Mighty Janet…is finishing a book. I do, however, sit with Cliff in the evening and watch the playoffs or football, hockey has started but I’ve not started watching it. Baseball and weekly football is the best I can do. And no crowds to jostle or spill popcorn over our heads or roar. I can do without the roar of the crowd. And no trips planned, thankfully, as we traveled and traveled over the summer, unless we drive up to the farm and put sealant on the deck. I’m taking a day off from the manuscript to say hello to people and clear my head. And each morning, I sit with a book at the still open window and listen to the day wake up. This morning, two of the young squirrels were playing tag in the trees and annoying a nest of birds which scolded them. So hello, Terri. Glad you’re doing well.

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