She’s Got Your Back


A volunteer holds a maritime flag as windsurfers race in a grand slam event.  This event relied solely on volunteers for the weekend-long spectacle showcasing windsurfing skills of both amateurs and pros.

Visit this post if you would like to see more about the Rio Vista Grand Slam.

This photo is submitted for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: The Back of Things.

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17 thoughts on “She’s Got Your Back

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  2. Hi Terri. I love this picture and the title too. I also love that it is in B&W but with some great selective coloring. Well done! I wanted to let you know that I just read one of your earlier posts on “Bow Ties Against Bullying.” My nephew from NYC recently posted a picture of himself, his brother, and their dad, all wearing bow ties. I sent the link to him and encouraged him to reblog it.

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  3. Nice to see the wind turbines in the background! Lovely bracing windy shot all round. Screams fresh air and health. Thanks for the link-up opportunity. Hope I have done everything properly on this first attempt 🙂

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