Coffee and the Art of Blogging


If we were having coffee today, I would tell you what a busy week this was for me. How do you like your coffee? I’m going with iced today, since we are still dealing with 90 degree days.

Blogging 201 and Milestones
If we were having coffee I would tell you that I just finished a WordPress event, Blogging 201. I had taken it before and I always learn something new. This time, I met and followed at least 20 bloggers, some new. Here are four blogs I thoroughly enjoy because of their focus on leisure and the outdoors. Please stop by and check out their blogs:

Wishing My Life Away. Love her tagline: “Living for the weekend, loving the in-between and dragging you along for the ride.”

Seen Along the Trail. Photos and posts about hiking and nature.

Staycation California. Tagline: “California sites, places, cities, attractions, events, excursions, for the day or weekend.”

S’Mores and Sundresses “Who Says Tomboys Don’t Wear Dresses? A look at camping and traveling.

This week I hit a couple of blogging milestones. I have over 700 followers and the other day, I had the most views and visits to my blog…EVER! Here are a couple of posts that attracted a lot of attention, in case you missed them.

The Social Side of Blogging. Several bloggers I met in 201 commented on their dissatisfaction and reticence with using social media to promote their blogs, which inspired me to write this post.

What’s On Your Editorial Calendar? was the brainchild of a 201 assignment. I was surprised to learn just how many bloggers do not use an editorial calendar and wish they did.

Thank you to those who follow my blog, read and take time to “like” and comment. It really means a lot to me. Blogging is a wonderful hobby or pastime, and who doesn’t enjoy a little love?

I added a new page titled Blogging Advice, where you will find tips and tidbits about blogging.

Self-Hosting Your Blog?
If were having coffee I would pour myself a little more as I lost sleep last night over this subject. I know several bloggers who have self-hosted their blogs and seem very happy. Has anyone self-hosted recently and what are your thoughts? I would love to be talked into this notion.

The-Leisure-LinkThe Leisure Link Returns October 1st
If we were having coffee, I would happily tell you that, after a two-month hiatus, I am bringing back my link-up party, The Leisure Link.
Come visit the page and see what it is all about. Stay tuned for a post on Thursday to re-introduce the link-up.

I am off to go eat Dim Sum with my good friend who is visiting from Hong Kong. I hope you had a great week and don’t forget that you, too, can share your week over coffee with Diana and the gang at Part-Time Monster.  

24 thoughts on “Coffee and the Art of Blogging

  1. I love my self hosted blog Terri, but then I have always been self hosted. just went self hosted. Not sure whether you follow them. Glad to see you are relaunching the Leisure Link. Am still playing catch up but plan to participate soon, if not this week, then next.

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  2. Congrats on reaching 700! That is wonderful. I do enjoy your blog. Although I blogged a few years ago, there was not as much emphasis on the “hows” and the “whys,” so I am finding myself drawn to any post that can further educate me on how blogging now works. Things have really changed in a few years. I’m hoping to be apart of the linky!

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  3. I’ve limited experience with the non self hosted side of wordpress, I started my first blog there a few years ago but didn’t do anything much with it. When I started my current site I knew I wanted to be self hosted, I love the control I have over everything and am happy with my little corner of the internet.

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  4. I only started out with self hosting (not an ego thing, personal thing as I was going through a divorce at the time), since it is what I’m used to when I’ve helped other bloggers in my area on the free wordpress site I hated it. Not nearly as many options and themes to work with.

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  5. LifestyleswithLia

    Happy weekend! I’m reading you not with coffee this time, but with a bowl of pasta for lunch!
    I’m so glad for your 700 + followers and for your most viewed /visited day! Congrats!
    And how nice to have found cool bloggers with leisure in mind! I’ll check them out!
    Have a great rest of your Sunday and hope the temps will decline… It’s feeling a bit fall-like here in NY…
    Much love,

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  6. Hi Terri, I was so ignorant when I started my blog last year that I didn’t really know the difference between self-hosted and whatever the other way is (free?) I just know I’m with as opposed to .com and it seems I have complete control over everything. That was what I was advised regarding the main benefit of self-hosting but it does cost me a quarterly fee. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. Oh yes, there is one I can think of, it seems that I can’t re-blog people’s posts on .org. I am somehow connected to .com automatically because I have a .org account but I have never figured out what that means. How do you publish your blog then?

    Very envious of your wordpress event – I need to start looking for them in the UK and stop being so anti-social! I am sure there must be some held in London. Am going to look – thanks for the inspiration.

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