Drinking Coffee and Living in Dust

Fall-weekend-coffee-shareIf we were having coffee today, we would be at my home, likely sitting on my backyard deck. It’s nice outside but will get to 95 degrees today. The fires I wrote about last week are mostly contained and there is very little smoke in the air.

I am writing this post on a Saturday! Why is that anything to crow about? I spent my first Saturday at home, NOT packing or unpacking, NOT travelling (or un-travelling?), NOT camping or driving to camp. It’s rather refreshing…another reason for me to love Fall, not that I need a reason.

Summer and all the windsurfing running-around is over. I love it, but I am glad it doesn’t last all year. It really is nice to be at home on weekends for a while!

So…on to the dust.

If you have read my blog lately, I have hinted about my ongoing master bedroom addition. Since you dropped by for coffee (or tea, perhaps?) today, let me tell you about what is going on so far. The addition began on August 3rd. Here are a couple of photos from the beginning in this post.

As the building progresses, our contractor has sent us to various stores to pick out fixtures, tile, flooring, etc! It’s so exciting, but a little exhausting. Driving to various stores and showrooms, looking at this color of vanity, or that counter top and sink, and just the right tile for the shower, takes an emotional and physical toll on one. Decision-making is demanding!

Here are a some more photos to where we have progressed.

Apart from the daily changing view, did I mention the DUST? It is everywhere. The workmen have trampled parts of the backyard area around the addition into a fine, dry dust. Mostly the door to the original bedroom being renovated is closed, but the powdery, fine dirt seeps into the hall way, even with a plastic, taped cover. I suppose one way to fight the drought instead of watering, is to just build a room on top of part of the backyard!

My dogs walk through the dirt and it clings to their fur along with the dry grass. Sigh…

Luckily I have a great hand-held Dyson and just suck it up…literally.

Cough-cough…do you need a refill on your coffee? If you are tired of the dust, we can save this for another time.

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the seasonal changes coming to your part of the world.

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38 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee and Living in Dust

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    How lovely to see the progress of your room renovation! I look forward to seeing the final results but I can imagine that the dust factor is rather daunting! I’m raising my coffee cup to you this morning and wish we could drink one together soon! Much love and lots of hugs !

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  3. Hi Terri,
    The building process sounds exhausting and a good excuse for plenty of coffee drinking to fuel the decision-making process.
    We have two dogs and they are constantly bring chaff into the house but the upside is we don’t have crumbs.
    I was interested to read that you’re an outdoor leisure person. My kids are in the Scouts and we’ve taken up kayaking, sailing and the kids do their bush walking and camping.
    I thought you might enjoy this post I wrote awhile back about kayaking with two dogs. It was a hoot. Well, maybe not! https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/kayaking-with-two-dogs/
    xx Rowena

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  4. I am glad to know that the fires have been contained but so sorry to hear the dust and frustration of home remodeling. All worth it in the end though. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


  5. Sharing our cups of beverages I would tell you that this has not been a good week health wise for me. The weather has been nice in the daytime and cooler at night. My African violets are in full bloom and the orchid I brought a month ago is still in bloom. The rex begonia I thought was dying was in a dormat state and now growing again.
    My blog yesterday was a trip to a succulent garden.

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  6. Congrats on being home!
    Yeah, the dust-ugh. At least it’s in service of a greater good!
    Has your blog always had these same colors? Because just now it struck me that it looks like candy corn at the top! If it’s always been, sorry for being so observant! One reason I’m not a great photog! Lol

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  7. That is one thing we have a lot of in the Southwest, dust! Even when it rains, the wind will blow the dust around and then the rain turns them into mud drops. Ugh! Looks like your new addition is almost complete! That’s wonderful!

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