Camera Lucida: The Sign


For Julia’s Camera Lucida weekly photo challenge, I came up with this photo. This week’s challenge is “The Sign.”

I had taken this photo a few years ago and, appropriately, not only does it fit the theme of the challenge, but it tells a story in many ways.

Little did I know when I saw this sign of “The Sign” that I would spend incredible leisure moments, days, weeks, years here, learning one of the most difficult sports to master–windsurfing! I blame my husband. Not only did I learn two amazing water sports, including stand-up paddling, I made new friends and built relationships. Not to mention an inexpensive place to camp and spend summer weekends by the water.

Here is a description of “The Sign.” and more information on the RVWA website if you are curious!

Marked by a large sign warning any dredgers of an underwater cable, this site offers good waves and has become a popular windsurfing site.

What’s your sign, or rather, what signs point the way to leisure?

I also want to take this moment to thank Ed from Sunday Stills for 7 years of photography challenges. He has posted his last post and is closing the site down. Sunday Stills weekly photo challenges were fun and I enjoyed participating.

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