One Word Photo Challenge: Drought


Yeah, I know, another post about the California drought, yada yada. But, appropriately, drought is the subject of this week’s One Word Photo Challenge hosted by the talented Jennifer Nichole Wells.

My poor marigolds didn’t quite make it. I even replanted their seeds, but no. Too hot, too dry.

Here is our official watering schedule.


I can water my lawn two days a week for 15 minutes. Yippee! I am still using the water saving tips I posted in June.

There are weather predictions about a winter El Nino weather system that promises record-breaking rainfall. The key to the winter storms, though, is a large snowpack in the California mountains. A deep snowpack is key to full reservoirs and the survival of the California economy and agriculture.

I am looking forward to unpacking my wellies and raincoat. Keeping my fingers crossed.

13 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

  1. Sorry about those marigolds. I do a lot to not waste water, because I hate to do water. Mulching, only watering the plants, using household water, is great, as long as you have the water. The pictures of the almond trees of So.Cal. were really sad. Like you said, a tree is harder to replace.

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