The More Things Change…

You have no doubt heard the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is the theme of today’s weekend coffee share post and Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge.

What will you have today? Let’s start with some coffee or tea and let me explain.

If you regularly follow my blog, you know that August has been a very busy month for me. The first half of the month was a little less busy, with a lot still left to come.

For the monthly photo challenge, I almost did not post any pictures. Nothing has really changed. The drought is still affecting California. Every day, the media reports a new wild fire that threatens homes and property. I did notice a few days ago that the Chinese Maple tree, featured in these monthly challenges, is showing signs of stress. Here you can see some of the leaves changing color as the tree slowly forces dormancy in some spots to keep the rest alive.

Chinese Maple showing stress due to drought

This tree normally starts changing colors in October. Hopefully, there will be some left by then. Our water district allows us to water outdoors for 15 minutes two days a week. This tree sometimes gets the shower water I save in a bucket.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that part of August’s busy-ness involved taking long weekend trip to Spokane, Washington, for a family wedding. Spokane is located in Eastern Washington and the temperature rarely goes beyond 85 degrees on a normal summer day. On our last day, the temp got to 98 degrees!

Seems to be hot everywhere. I am scheduled to travel to San Diego and the weather-people predict temperatures in the upper 90s. I hope my brother’s A/C works. He may have to move the sofa that is blocking the wall-mounted unit, that’s how often San Diego gets the kind of heat that requires air conditioning.

Chinese Maple endures August heat and dryness

When you visit the photo gallery for the monthly photo challenge, you will see that there is very little change in the Chinese Maple tree.


…change is here! If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about the master bedroom addition that began on August 1st.

For years, I have wanted to add on to the house. I bought my house 27 years ago as a starter home during my first marriage. When the marriage ended 15 years later, I kept the house. It is a small, three bedroom, one bath house, with a garage that had been converted to a family room. Plenty of room for a working mom with two daughters. For two years, after my oldest daughter moved out, it was just myself and my youngest daughter living here. When my (now) husband moved in, he took over the family room with his man-cave stuff. Last year we talked about adding on to the master bedroom, which would give me another bathroom and a walk-in closet, not to mention a much larger bedroom.

Everything went smoothly for us to get the ball rolling. Except, our contractor told us that for the house to pass inspection for the added room, we have to convert the family room back into a garage.

Garage door added to room addition


That extra square footage of living (and storage) space is critical to my sanity. When our neighborhood became part of the City, there was no evidence or records of a permit to convert the garage. The work-around, in order to get the new permit, is that we had to put in the garage door, and must install a fire door separating the dining room from the garage.

My vision for a garage-type room was, once the master suite was built, we could then convert the room back into a garage, so my hubby can work on cars, putter around and all the stuff men do in garages. Forget about parking a car in that tiny space. You can see by the picture it is a small door (8-feet).

So we have a garage before I have a bedroom.

I have included a few more photos of the house in the gallery below. The good thing is for the room addition, the builder can do much of the work without having to displace us out of the bedroom until they can tie into the wall. This all works out well, especially with my daughter moving to Oregon in two weeks, to spend the fall in an internship. We did rent a storage space to deal with some of the extra furniture.

Here is the gallery showing the Chinese Maple as it changes (or not).

Hang in there as I finish August with two more trips, some consulting work, and oh yes, I resume teaching on August 31 at the university. If we were having coffee, I would just look at you and say again, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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13 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. You seem to be challenged in understanding the term ‘retired’. Consulting, Teaching. I guess there is no keeping you still.
    Crazy how your drought just doesn’t seem to quit and how it is getting hotter everywhere!
    Even more crazy is what you have to go through to get the extra space you want…. chuckled at Cardinal’s ‘man-cave good’ comment.

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  2. Oh, it’s hot here in San Diego! Hopefully it will cool down a bit when you visit.

    I know that a remodel can be disruptive, but your final results will be worth it, I’m sure. You’ll end up with a floor plan that will work much better for you. Good luck and remember to take deep, calming breaths.

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    1. I’m here now in Lemon Grove. Hot, hot, hot! And I’m very excited about the addition. My hubby explains everything as things are being built, so it’s rather fascinating! Wish I had a few minutes to visit you, we’re busy with family, then I leave tomorrow. Take care and keep cool!


  3. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri! I’m drinking a cup of coffee again as I read you!:) Happy Sunday and I enjoyed reading you and catching up on your news!
    Very exciting things going on at your house! And I hope your Chinese maple fares well… Oh by the way, the bucket to save shower water is a genius idea!
    Have a great start to your day and all my best to you! August has been a busy month for me too but all is good here!
    Sending you love and friendship !


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