Creepy Critters

Creepy is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

How creepy is this to look up and be surrounded by stuffed jungle animals staring down at you with their glassy eyes, forever captured in time?


These trophies can be found at Foster’s Bighorn Restaurant and Bar in Rio Vista, California. I find them rather fascinating, if a bit creepy.

If this doesn’t creep you out, then perhaps this next photo will. A praying mantis decided to fly onto my husband’s ball cap, change to the light brown color to blend in (nice try) and try it’s claw at being a hat accessory. My husband thought it was cool, hence the photo–sorry a little fuzzy.

Praying mantis adorns my husband’s hat.

Insects do not bother me, unless they take the form of a black widow spider, 10 million ants, or a cockroach. Praying mantises are beneficial critters but look kind of creepy with their praying appendages and all-knowing eyes.

27 thoughts on “Creepy Critters

  1. The first one DEFINITELY creeped me out. And for some odd reason, it reminded me of a story from long ago. My college roommate was a huge DOORS fan. She had Jim Morrison posters all over our room. One night, when I was alone in the room, I felt eyes upon me. I looked around and noticed that JIm was staring at me from every angle. Totally creeped me out. But your image is much creepier than that.

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