Snow in August? One Word Photo Challenge

I lied. If it snowed in August, this photo would have been taken in Alaska.

So, I give you…wait for it…


…snow in December! Does it make you feel cool?

This is the view from my father’s house in the Sierra Nevada foothills. And yes, it was at Christmas.

Snow is the theme for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge. Feel free to join the challenge any time!

20 thoughts on “Snow in August? One Word Photo Challenge

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  2. Hi I just discovered your Blog because we both got Featured by Edwina! Your Blog is very interesting and I decided to Follow! I am an Artist Designer, I design unique Jewelry inspired by Nature. I express my creativity in many different ways. I love photography and Digital Art and when I am not sketching I like to paint with watercolors and sometimes I write little poems I hope you will visit and maybe follow if you enjoy my Art ways 🙂

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  3. Snow. I haven’t lived in NH long, but I have picked up on the specter that is snow. You don’t invoke its name. When reminding people of work of three-month follow up appointments, to the person they shiver and mutter, “November. It can’t be that close to November. There will be … snow.” 🙂

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