The Leisure Link Final Round-Up


The last Leisure Link of the summer ended on August 1st. There were 25 links and over 100 views! All links were shared on my Pinterest Leisure Link Pin Board. Each week I feature the top two links. Because the Leisure Link is taking an August break into September, I am featuring ALL of the bloggers who took the time to link their wonderful posts.

Please stop by their blogs and take a look at their posts involving leisure, fashion, food, reading, fitness, travel, and well, just about everything leisurely!


Red Sandals as a Pop of Color: Touch of Style
Cresting the Hill: Totally Addicted to Pinterest
Giant Fish Tank (Non-Fiction) | Advocate for Invisible Illness!
Best Summer Beach Reads – Carol Cassara
Whatever Things You Desire | Leisure Lane
Favorite Color in Nature Blue | idahobluebird50 Mysteries Galore and Photos
Thankful Friday: Grammie Time-7/17/15
Savoury and Effortless| MyRedPage
Fresh Herb Cuisine: My Red Page
Five Researched & Proven Nutritional Tips: Chemistry Cachet
Easy DIY Vanilla Cold Brew:Chemistry Cachet
Gooey Butter Cake: Bakewell Junction
Ingrown, Outgrown | purpleslobinrecovery
Surfing from Tree to Tree | Live now – Dream later
3 Not-So Secrets to Build Habits For a Fit Life: Debbie In shape
Sacramento’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Is Stunning! Sew Travel Inspired
Seedy Motel Getaway Part 2: Fannie Frankfurter
Go Read a Watchman? Life Redesign 101
How To Lose Weight When You Sit All Day: The Fab Journey
I is for Impressed | All In A Dad’s Work
A most cherished object | Retirementally Challenged
Balance | Hey, Momma!

Once again, many thanks to all who linked up! Write up some great blogs about the fun things you do with your time and get ready to post them again in mid-September.

10 thoughts on “The Leisure Link Final Round-Up

  1. Great to see the variety of bloggers that are participating in the Leisure Link Terri. The list gave me a great opportunity to check each of them out. The best thing for me about the Leisure Link has been the friendships I have developed here with Michele, Janis, Cap’t Jill and you :-). Looking forward to seeing the Leisure Link back in September.

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