Photo Challenges: Windsurf Boards

Here are two photos for three of the photo challenges I follow.

Each photo represents tools of the windsurfing life. For Ed’s Sunday Stills, this week’s theme is “Red.”

A red windsurf board next to a red sail sits in my friend’s sail tent just waiting their turn to go out on the water.


The theme for My Red Page: Camera Lucida is “park bench.” This old windsurf board now enjoys a second life as re-purposed bench.  Park-Bench-Windsurf-Style

I am also adding these photos to Lucile de Godoy’s Photo 101 Rehab Clinic

These photo challenges offer link-ups where your post is showcased among others. Bloggers then feature the photos on their blogs creating more exposure and interest to your blog. In Sunday Stills, bloggers simply share their post’s URL in the comments section.

Feel free to join these photo challenges at any time!

16 thoughts on “Photo Challenges: Windsurf Boards

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  2. Old Windsurf Boards don’t fade away…they become benches!!! How great is that…HA! Love it, so clever…you should have your hubby make one and put it in your backyard that would such a conversation piece and so fun too!! 🙂

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