How is Your Blog Traffic Doing? Tips for Taking a Break

Summer-Blog-BreakFor many, August means summer vacations, travel, visiting friends and family, more leisure time, etc!

Perhaps you have already started to see a small dip in your blog traffic as your readers take their holidays and vacations. And you may not be blogging as much either. You know what? It’s OK.

If you are taking a break from blogging, you can let your readers know in several ways.

1. Simply write a post telling readers that you are on vacation until a particular date.
2. Put a text widget in your sidebar with similar information.
3. If you are taking a break but are still posting, you can of course, pre-schedule your posts in advance.
4. As a courtesy, let your readers know that you may not be reading or commenting on a regular basis.
5. If you are hosting any link-ups or challenges, let your readers know as soon as possible. Here is an example of what I posted for The Leisure Link breakAlthough The Leisure Link is taking a break, and I will be traveling, I will still be posting. But I will not panic when I see my readership down!
6. Ask for some guest posts. Note that this can take some pre-planning on your part.
7. You can also freshen up and reblog your old posts. Maybe add a new photo and update the information. Or you can simply re-blog others’ posts.

If you are into photography or quotes, posting photos or quotes for challenges, or just for fun, can be less time-consuming than writing out a post. I have personally found that I get high traffic volume on my weekly photo challenge posts each Friday.

Here are some more ideas by Michelle on WordPress: Lights Out.

We all need a break. Blogging is a wonderful activity which requires dedication and consistency. With these tips in place, you can freely enjoy your time off without worry! Your readers will be there when you return.

This tip is shared on Debbie In Shape.

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  1. Reblogged this on Michael's Origins and commented:
    I found this site just a little bit ago The curator/author of the page if you will is Terri Webster Schrandt and I must admit it is a refreshing site, this post talks about proper etiquettes when taking a break from your blog and very sound advice at that. I have seen Ritu do this as well, you can find Ritu’s site here:

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  5. stuckinscared

    Some great tips here… I’m taking a break ATM for reasons other than vacation, and though I have let readers know that I won’t be blogging for a while I quite like the idea of random photo posts… I usually (when actively blogging) try and take part in #wordlesswednesday, you’re right that the photo posts seem popular, no reason why I have to stick to Wednesday – especially as my camera is something I rarely take a break from 🙂


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  6. I ended up taking an unexpected time out without planning. Yeah, Miss Planning thought she could handle little sleep and day life. Better next year…
    Thanks a lot for sharing these great tips on #TipTuesday.

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  7. nikkifrankhamilton

    When I’ve taken a break it was always unplanned. Illness, emergency, stroke, you know, the big STUFF that you can’t get around. I hope that soon I will be able to build up enough drafts that I can take a break, I’m sure that I’ll still be planning and taking photos, but a few days to just hang out with an umbrella drink, that’d be nice. Thanks for the tips so I can do it without the blog falling apart!

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  8. sizzlesue15

    Couldn’t agree more Terri! I was trying to put too much pressure on myself so took a step back and found that I was more refreshed and hopefully writing better content. My readers were still there and understand completely. You are right in suggesting to let people know what is happening I think that shows that you care about your blog and your readership. Thanks for sharing another great post with us at #WedenesdaysWisdom and enjoy your holiday!

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    1. Thank you, Sue, I now post 4 times a week, with two days being photo challenges. We put so much time into our blogs and make friends, that we don’t want to see that go away. I will still be here, just taking a Leisure Link break!


  9. Great tips Terri. I’ve already had my break, but I know from experience that August tends to be a quiet month. Gives us, that are still blogging, lots of time to catch up on reading and commenting on blog posts.

    Have a great vacation.

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  10. Cook With a Shoe

    Thanks for the tips on how to take a break, Terri! I really like the idea of clearly telling your readers when you will be back and that you won’t be commenting as often. #AnythingGoes

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  11. Great tips, Terri. So true – when I first started blogging, I actually didn’t realise how much work goes into it! I do enjoy it, which is why I’m continuing, but even scheduling posts for the hectic weeks, or breaks away from technology take a lot of effort.
    Enjoy your break!

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  12. The sad thing is that I don’t have time to take a break, because as I’m preparing to be away from my computer for almost a whole week, I have to work twice as hard to do just that. Thanks for sharing your post at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

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    1. Hi Sandy, I really don’t either. As you know link-ups are time-consuming with the commenting and follow up, etc. Even though mine is still in the early stages, it requires time! I will still be blogging but not so many long written posts.


  13. I don’t usually post while I’m on vacation – I don’t like to signal that I’m not home (call me paranoid) and I find that it takes time away from what I’m there to do (relax, spend time with my husband, etc.). But, I do keep a journal with ideas for posts when I get back. I realize I can pre-schedule posts for while I’m gone, but I’m afraid that I’m usually just not that organized. Have fun on your break!

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    1. I take a similar tactic with Facebook, too. I won’t be on much of a break; probably posting more photos and quotes when I can. Good idea about the journal. I also take a lot of photos with my phone which download easily into dropbox. Great comment, Janis!


  14. LifestyleswithLia

    Hi Terri:) thanks for sharing these great tips! Indeed summer has called me out to the beaches and parks and although I’m not officially away on vacation, I am in that mode:)))))

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  15. I think it’s always good to keep in mind that a blogging break is okay. I know I can get the feeling that I’m obligated to blog, but that shouldn’t be the case. Sometimes the best way to feel refreshed as a blogger IS to take a break. Great tips, Terri. 🙂

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