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If we were having coffee, I would share that my last two weeks were very eventful! But first, let me get you a nice cup of coffee or tea. I think I’ll have a caramel macchiato today.

After a crazy weekend of watching a windsurfing competition and exhibition I felt exhausted. I didn’t really even do anything other than help the kids with their race. Read more about that here.

The next weekend was a long four-day weekend at the delta. My daughter, who moves to Oregon in a few weeks for her internship, spent the weekend with me at the delta. I helped with the kids windsurf camp and my daughter tried her hand at some beginning windsurfing and just hung out at the beach with me. How cool is that? My friend signed his 6-year old boy up for his first camp and both were elated at how well he did!

Of course, we had the chance to do some stand-up paddling, and kayaking. These are the fun things to do when the wind dies. The weekend got pretty warm and our two-hour SUP session was a welcome cool-down. Even the dogs rode with us!

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I would give you the requisite weather report. The wonderful valley heat came back so we hit triple digits again for several days here in Northern California, while it poured rain in Southern Cal. The weather “cooled” off a little to the upper 80s which made California State Fair go-ers very happy!

In other news, we closed our loan for our master bedroom addition and we break ground in August. Get ready for some photos and fun as I deal with that. It will all be worth it in the end since we are adding a master bath, a walk-in closet and 280 more square feet to the bedroom.

As August looms, so do several upcoming weekends of travel. I’m excited but couldn’t these trips have been spread out more through the summer? Plus I just inked a consulting gig! I plan to keep to my regular blogging schedule but I am putting The Leisure Link on a holiday hiatus until mid-September. The-Leisure-LinkYou can continue to link your posts now through August 1st.

Enjoy the last week of July and have a nice cuppa something on me!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Squared Coffee Share

  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri! I swear I just made a late day cup of black coffee (after a big lunch) so I’m drinking it as I read your post:) wow what a busy couple of weeks it’s been for you but it all sounds joyful and energizing! And oh I am looking forward to hearing about your renovation in your master bedroom … I’m sure it’ll look beautiful. And hmm trips ? I’m also intrigued to read more about your travels!
    Cheers to you my friend!!!

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  2. I will share a cup of tea with you. Our caught with us and are both under the weather. The temperatures have cool down to the 80s or low 90’s. We had a thunderstorm this weekwith rain but the reservoirs are drying. More is being use in the valleys. Nice exchanging stories of our week.

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